The Future & New Level of Weather Intelligence Provided by Earth Networks

As 2017 showed, weather can wreak havoc on businesses, homes, and lives. It is critical now more than ever that the weather intelligence software that is used is the most up-to-date and advanced software possible. From tracking severe storms to knowing where hurricanes will make landfall, having this type of technology is beneficial to a variety of businesses and public services. Earth Networks is providing that technology to a variety of commercial businesses and public works areas to make sure that communities are safe and warned as soon as possible of impending severe weather.

Real-Time Notifications

With the software produced by Earth Networks, you can now have a real time storm tracker in your office or at your fingertips with your mobile device. Part of being safe during storms is knowing where the storm is in real time and being able to move to safety as soon as possible. This software and tracking system can help you know 50% faster than other types of monitoring systems when a thunderstorm is headed your way. This faster time of knowing can help you get your employees to safety and any clients you may have on your property into a building before danger strikes.

Be in the Know

With a full team of meteorological experts and weather drone technology behind it, Earth Networks is able to help keep you in the know when it comes to your event or your business. You can rest assured that your employees and clients can be protected with this backing you and monitoring your weather situation minute by minute. Whether you’ve planned an outdoor carnival or your team is out working at someone’s location, you can know what’s coming down the weather pipeline and how to respond to keep your team safe.

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