What is a Verbal Ability Test?


The organization needs people who have smart personality and skills that can help it to deliver the required services and products to the market. In many cases, they need people who are good at communication and understand what they mean by making some statements. In such all cases one needs to have effective verbal communication, and as a job provider, the HR team of the concerned organization must be sure about the quality of the communication and speed of the candidate before selecting him for a particular role.

The most important aspect of any human life is communication which is the sole reason we are different from the animal kingdom. Communication can be visual (maps and charts), verbal (giving a lecture), written (writing a letter) or non-verbal (using body gestures). In the modern era dominated by technology, communication is done in several other ways, but it is must that the verbal communication abilities are up to mark and functional. Verbal abilities are important because we can share our ideas and opinions by communicating. Human beings are social animals, and hence there is a constant need of communication to live a life with full of interactions. The degree at which the information is conveyed and received denotes the verbal efficiency of a person. Once the verbal skills are developed, they can help in all walks of life. May it be an interview or may it be dealing with customer or even a project manager a good verbal ability always helps and it is an extra advantage apart from a candidate’s intellect.

Why is verbal ability important?

For a person seeking a verbal job, the ability is the most important one because if one cannot efficiently convey his ideas then how can he benefit the organization. Modern industries do not wish to employ people who just wish to work like a machine. Modern industries wish to employ people who can express their views and idea. Gone are the days when the head of the company used to do as his own ideas. Modern entrepreneurs are known to listen to their employees and work accordingly for the benefit of the organization. A candidate applying for a job is expected to be verbally efficient so that expressing of ideas and thoughts become easier for him. The thoughts and ideas can be expressed in an understandable manner only if the relevant words are used with proper grammar and sentence structures. If a candidate is trying to convey his thoughts to the business owner, but the words are not relevant, or if the grammar is incorrect then misunderstanding may occur. It is therefore very much important for a candidate to have the strong verbal ability.

How is the verbal ability test useful for recruitment?

Verbal ability tests are designed to check the verbal ability of a candidate in all the ways. The verbal ability tests consist of several types of questions which are exquisitely designed to check a candidate’s overall verbal performance. The verbal ability tests comprise of comprehension which is used to analyze a candidate’s ability to interpret written and verbal information. It also consists of vocabulary related questions which check the lexical resources of the candidate to express his ideas and thoughts. The grammar ability is also checked by the verbal ability test because it is very much important to form sentences with a correct structure and without any grammatical mistakes.

Which companies can use a verbal ability test?

Verbal ability test can be used by organizations which are looking forward to hiring beginner candidates with 0-1 years of experience. This test can be used to assess candidate’s verbal ability for mostly all roles and for all the industries. Verbal ability holds as much importance as the candidate’s academic achievements. The candidate may be academically intellectual but shy to express his ideas and that is, in turn, harmful for the organization’s growth and development. The modern corporate sector has initiated rewarding the employees who come up with the best ideas. Before hiring the candidate, it is thus very much important to know if the candidate’s verbal abilities are good enough.

Who can give the test and what does the test comprise of?

Any graduate or undergraduate candidate can apply for a verbal test. A candidate looking for entry-level jobs can also appear for the test. The organizations can demand a specific analysis report if needed and the test conduction company will provide it.

The test commonly consists of 1 section with 30 questions and 30 minutes time interval to answer them all. The verbal ability tests are taken in British English language, but the company can have a customized test if they want the test in language other English.

How to give the test?

The test can be given easily while sitting at home. A candidate has to provide his email ID to the company on which the company will later send the test link. Once the user receives an email with the test link, he has to click on the link. A new tab will open on which the candidate has to click on “Launch test” button. Once the launch tab button is clicked, a new browser window will open. In the new window, the candidate will be given a certain set of instructions which shall be followed. The most important instruction is that no program that uploads or downloads files shall be open on the computer while taking the test. After hitting the next button, a “things to remember” page will be displayed which instructs the user what he has to do in case the PC shuts off in between the test. Upon hitting the “proceed” button, the test will start.

There will also be a timer on the screen which will display how many minutes are remaining before the test is completed. It is advantageous as the candidate does not have to look at his watch while taking the test. Hence the verbal ability test is one of the most important screening tests for companies recruiting beginner employees.

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