The Various Tools Used for Clearing Off Blocked Drains and The Need for A Plumber


Are you facing the issue of a blocked drain or a clogged toilet? If so, you are not the only one to face this. As there are various kinds of drains in the home or office, they may not function to the top condition. There are bathtubs, sinks, showers, toilets, faucets and any of them might give you problem at any time. If there is blocked drain in the home, do not leave it unattended as the problem may worsen overtime. Only when you have some experience in clearing off the drains, use the repair tools or the right equipment to clear the drains. Any buildup of grease and food particles can clog the kitchen sink. Then, in the bathroom, blocked drain results from the accumulation of soap, hair that prevent free passage of water through the pipes. If you find that the drain is blocked or is backed up, you need not summon a plumber immediately. You can try your hands to clear the blocked drain. But, make sure you have necessary tools to clear the blocked drains.

Drain Cleaning

It is important for the plumbing system to function properly always but otherwise they may cause damage to the property. Only when the plumbing system works fine, the building or the unit will be habitable. All the appliances in the unit must function well and the drainage system must pass off water quickly. If large particles get accumulated in the pipes, it leads to blocked drain. If you are not sure of clearing blocked drains, look for a licensed, skilled, professional and certified plumber using all the latest technologies to clear the drains.

Plunger is the foremost item used

A plumber needs certain kinds of tools and plunger is one of them. With the use of plunger, it is possible to clear clogged drains. The drain of the kitchen sink, toilet and bathtub may get blocked at any point of time and so you must have a plunger to clear it off. The drainage pipe may get blocked and even the floor drain. For all kinds of drains, you should have plunger. Make sure you submerge plunger into the water prior to pressing it. Apply pressure on plunger and then release it severely before you lift the plunger. If you see that this gives you no results, try another tool to unclog the drain. But, make sure you do not apply too much pressure on the clogged drain as that can damage the drain.

Plumber snake is another useful item


Also known as cable auger, plumber snake can clear blockage in the drain. If the blockage or problem spot is positioned deeper into the drain, you need to use plumber snake. It is a long cable which is made up of flexible steel wires. This tool is first lowered into the drain and then pushed to reach the blockage. Here you need to twist the cable to break the blockage. If the blockage gets broken into small pieces, they will pass down the pipe with ease.

It is important to prevent drain blockage

It is rightly remarked that prevention is better than cure. You can take steps to prevent the blockage of drain. Do not pass down oil or grease through the kitchen sink. It is important to pour down hot water down the sink or drain to prevent blockage. If any clog or foreign material sticks to the pipe, it will get loosened. Use strainers on the sink to catch food particles before they move down. Do not flush down any large object down the toilet.


A plumber will use variety of tools to unclog the drains. You must adopt necessary measures to prevent blocked drains. By following all the preventative measures, you can avoid blocked drain and save costs.

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