How To Change Spectrum Wi-Fi Password?

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Spectrum provides best internet services around the United States and they provide you with the best options too. It can be a tedious task to look out for local stores when you need any guidance, Spectrum customer service & phone number is operational 24/7 to help you out with all your queries. You just need to dial their number which is provided online and call on that number to ask any questions that you may have.

Why should you change your password and how to do that?

We all know how extensively we use internet. All our work and educational tasks depend upon our internet connection. Since these days, there is a change of routine in everyone’s life. All the offices and schools have gone online. If you feel that your internet is slow and you have shared your password with many people, then it is a good practice to change your Wi-Fi password for security and protection reasons.

You should be aware of your current username and password in order to change it. If you are one of those people who do not change their passwords quite often you will need to find out your present username and password. The easiest way to get an access to your password and username is through your Wi-Fi router. You can check the router from the bottom, you will find your password there.

There are two different ways of changing your password.

  1. Sign in on

You can change your password by visiting website. Just login and add your present username and password. There will be a tab of “service” just click on that tab and choose the internet option.

You can click on the blue arrow downward option and find your gateway details and you will find username and password there. Once you have a hold of that, you can change your password and username.

  1. Use My Spectrum App

If you are an existing customer of the Spectrum internet or you have just signed up for Spectrum services, you will get an official account number. Once you have an official account number you can download the Spectrum App through your App store. Once you have downloaded the App you just need to enter the credentials and create your account on the App.

Just like the website, you need to check the “Service section” there you will find your Wi-Fi name and the password. When you plan to change your Wi-Fi password you can select the “Update” option and change your password that way. Once you create the new password, before that you will add your existing password and save the settings.

By following the simple and quick steps you can change the password of your internet connection anytime. It is advisable to change the password if you feel that many people have an access to it.

You can also update your current services with Spectrum:

You can choose a higher speed internet if you feel like you are facing any speed lags. The minimum speed is 200 Mbps per sec and that costs around $49 per month and if you are connecting more than 6 to 7 gadgets at the same time you might face slow internet speed issue. You can upgrade your internet to 400 Mbps per sec that allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time. You can also choose the highest internet speed with Spectrum that 1 GIG which is an ultra-fast high speed. You will never face any speed issues with that and it will cost you around $100 per month on a discounted rate.

With all the internet speed tiers you will get Unlimited data that means you can download as much as you like and you don’t have to worry about the data limit, there are no data caps with any internet package. Spectrum also give you free anti-virus software that will keep your devices safe from any virus or malware present online. You also get free access to more than 5000 nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots that means you can connect your devices with your internet services even when you are away from your home.

You will also get no contract policy, that means you do not need to pay any early termination fee if you plan to cancel your services with Spectrum at any time. You can keep the services activated for as long as you like. There are no hidden charges you will pay what will be told to you by the customer service rep. You will also get free internet modem with any package that you may choose.

Summing Up,

With Spectrum it is very easy to choose your internet plan and monitor your account. Just download the free Spectrum App on your mobile phone to have an easy access to your account. You can monitor your account, pay your bill or change your password when you want or visit Spectrum website online to change your password and username at any point.

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