Managing Blocked Drains For Home And Offices

drainage-solutions-Forest-HillBlocked drains are a menace for both commercial places and also for homes. Imagine a place like a mall that has clogged toilets, or a regular office where the drains are clogged and employees are forced to avoid using the washroom. A similar story can unfold in your home too, which is not just restricted to the bathroom but is also a problem for your kitchen. Hence, dealing with these issues as soon as they arise, is important. However, it is the combination of both maintenance and preventive measures that helps in sorting out these. Here are some tips that can help you.

Opting For Natural Cleansers

Natural cleaners do work very well for managing and preventing blocked drains in homes. They include the use of acidic products on a regular basis that include lemon juice or even vinegar and baking soda with hot water. This is thrown down the drain regularly to prevent blockage. But with commercial spaces, you need something more concrete. In this case, you can get some ready made natural solvents that are used as preventive agents. Do remember that excessive use of corrosive agents in your pipes can cause long-term damage and you may just end up with rusted and broken pipes in the event of trying to save clogging.

Store Pumping Devices

There is a range of devices available in the market to manage blocked drains. Again, for the home, this includes a basic plunger or something similar. This works for smaller scale commercial enterprises too. With a little warning of a blocked or a clogged drain, you can get this pumping process started by your handyman or the janitor. In other cases, there are readymade kits available to prevent drain clogging and these commercial cleaning kits work well in the long run.

Hiring A Plumber

The next option of course is to hire a plumber or a professional to manage your blocked drains. This is particularly important when it appears that there is no chance of the drain being fixed through conventional modes. These plumbers carry expert devices that help in fixing blocked drain issues. These devices could include using a specialist vacuum or pump that takes out all of the stuck plastic, hair or other blockages from the drain. Additionally, they also use strong solvents that help in cleaning out the drains.

  • Along with the above, here are some important tips to prevent blocked drain issues. Make sure that your employees or even family members at home are using a dustbin rather than flushing things down the drain. Failure to ensure till this leads to clogging in time because plastic, tissue and other forms of waste can accumulate at a single spot and lead to extreme clogging of the drains.

  • For both professional and home kitchens, exercise a lot of caution on what is being washed down the drain. Grease, flour and oil are a disastrous combination here that just makes things stick to the pipe. With more things getting glued to the pipe blocked drains are going to be a problem.

  • Ensure that you get your drains fixed or cleaned before they start to overflow. For example, look out for signs such as extreme gurgling or noise from your drains. In other instances, you may notice that the water is flushing down slowly or water is actually coming up more than often. All of this indicates that a blocked drain is imminent.

These are simple ways to not only prevent but also manage the problem of blocked drains at both home and commercial establishments. Also, sign up with a professional plumber to conduct regular drain cleaning if needed for your commercial space or even homes for that matter.

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