Guava Leaves Can Stop Your Hair Falling-100% And Make It Grow Like Crazy

Guava Leaves Can Stop Your Hair Falling

Always, you don’t need expensive surgery or drugs or any other food supplements to stop hair falling problem.

Would it be nice if you find cheap, very effective and natural remedy that can be treated to stop your hair loss, can help to nourish the hair and scalp, helping to improve the condition of the hair you have? Won’t it embrace you?

What if I tell you, you don’t need to pay hundreds for visiting consultants, buying pricy nutritious supplements, beauty serums that might have little impact on what you actually need?

Here I’m talking about highly available and affordable herbs, guava leaves; which have been tested and proven many times as a fasted way of restoring human hair.

So without delaying further let me show you how this natural herb can bring immense benefit to your hair.

Why is guava leaves good for your hair?

Why is guava leaves good for your hair

These natural leaves are high in Vitamin A and C, B3-niacin, B6, B5, and B2 (to be more specific), lycopene and fiber that are already proven ingredients which can bring excellent results in any hair related issues.

Moreover, it contains antioxidants, flavonoids, which are phytonutrients. Let’s know these benefits in details.

Why is Vitamin C important for hair?

Why is Vitamin C important for hair

We all know vitamin C is very helpful in stopping free radical formation in the body that is harmful to our hair follicles.

Thus taking a bit extra vitamin C improves hair health and resulting in less hair falling problems.

Similarly, this vitamin can reduce the formation of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which can restrict the excess circulation of male hormone in the blood.

It ensures your papilla cells (that binds with DTH) are providing enough nutrition to the hair follicles. This procedure brings a positive result in hair improvement.

Vitamin C helps in creating collagen. Collagen helps hair growth and hair reproduction and if you can ensure proper collagen in the hair shaft, it’ll improve the overall volume of your hair.

Why is Vitamin A important for hair?

Why is Vitamin A important for hair

Vitamin A is an important ingredient for healthy hair and helps us to maintain proper moisture in the scalp.

This vitamin aids in the reproduction of cells that is a vital part to keep our hair alive. Furthermore, it protects our hair follicles and acts as an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals to keep hair healthy and strong for a long.

That’s the reasons this is widely using in many hair treatments.

What can Vitamin Lycopene do for hair?

What can Vitamin Lycopene do for hair

Lycopene is another rich nutrient that is beneficial for hair and skin that can be found widely in guava leaves.

This antioxidant plays a vital role in improving blood circulation. It helps cell restoration, reduces inflammations and boosts the collagen production; which are all factors of growing hair thicker, stronger and reduce the chance of hair falling at a significant level.

The antioxidant role of lycopene can eradicate the risk of hair damages caused by environmental factors as UV rays, dust, and other harmful radicals.

These are the major reasons why this high nutrient compounds are widely using as stimulators in many hair care products and supplements.

Some more usage:

On top of that these leaves contain 9% potassium, 2% zinc and over 2% proteins. These compounds are very helpful in smoothening scalp itchiness, remove dandruff, remove the buildup of dirt and grime from your hair and unclogs your follicles, improve the hair strength and ensure the longevity.

What are the ways to use guava leaves to improve your hair growth:

use guava leaves to improve your hair growth

There are quite a few simple yet effective ways to use guava leaves through which you can be benefited in promoting hair growth and make it like crazy.

Boiling Guava leaves:

Boiling Guava leaves

Take some leaves and boil it in a cup for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, let it cool and apply the solution very gently on the hair and scalp. You should let it dry for an hour before washing it properly.

Guava leaves and Fenugreek seed:

Guava leaves and Fenugreek seed

This is one of the effective and natural home remedies which can stop hair falling problems very fast.

First of all; few leaves have to sun-dried very well until it looks like perfect crispy chips. Then crush those crispy herbs in the blender along with Fenugreek seed and blend it until the ingredients mix properly.

You also can blend those separately. Later on, make a mixture and add to coconut oil and apply thoroughly in the scalp and tip of the hairs. Continue it every day until you get the desired result.

Guava leaves and lemon juice paste:

Guava leaves and lemon juice paste

Make a good paste of guava leaves and apply a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the past on the scalp and let it moisture for few minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and wash it with cold and warm water. If you have colored hairs, remember to use sulfate free shampoo hair loss solution while washing the scalp.

Guava Leaves with Castor-oil:

Guava Leaves with Castor-oil

Castor oil is already a proven solution for different hair misshapes and now we know about the endless benefit of guava leaves. So using this mixture together will motivate hair growth at a considerable rate.

The process is very simple. Make a paste of guava leaves and warm Castor oil and apply gently on the roots and tip of your hair. Wash it after a while. Doing it regularly will stop serve hair fall and will ensure proper hair growth.

Guava leaves and henna pack:

Make a paste with guava leaves and henna leaves together. Use it in your hair as a pack regularly. It will ensure your hair fall problem minimizes to a natural level and simultaneously, your hair will grow at a faster speed.

Final Thoughts:

Apart from stopping hair fall and ensuring proper growth, these guava leaves can get you other amazing health benefits. So from next time before trashing this herb make a second thought that might prevent your beautiful hair and lead you to bring back your glory days again!.

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