Why Your Child Should Not Wear a Coat in the Car

Coat in the Car

In preparation for the frosty mornings and cold winter nights ahead, keeping children warm by wrapping them in thick winter coats is considered a priority. However, it may surprise you to know that these coats can actually be a danger to children in the car. George of Family Cars NI has kindly given us this potentially live saving tip which we felt needed more exposure.

You may be thinking that it seems more logical to keep your child in their thick winter coats while they’re in their car seat to provide them with cushioned support, but that is not the case. Your child’s car seat is equipped with a safety harness to reduce the possibility of them becoming injured during any journey and if you do not remove their coat, it will create a gap between them and their harness, making it completely ineffective in emergencies.

In order to keep your child safe this winter, ensure that their coat or jacket is removed and that their harness is pulled tight enough that there is no gap between your child and the straps.

If you want to ensure that their child is kept warm during the car journey, there are alternatives to wrapping them in a thick winter coat. You could remove their coat, securely strap them into their car seat and place their coat over their knees to act as a blanket.

If your child is a new-born, you might want to invest in a Cosy Toes that has been approved by the child car seat manufacturer, or fold a thin blanket in half and tightly wrap it around your new-born over their harness, but do make sure that any blankets are no higher than their arm pit level.

These options will keep your child both warm and safe, so that you can feel completely assured that your child is as safe as they can possibly be.

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