Alive Forever Musical Video By Wai Lana – Profound Insights to Apply in our Lives.

Wai Lana’s Alive Forever is a short film and a music video that was released recently in connection with the celebration of the first ever International Day of Yoga. It is mainly created to make everyone conscious of a very valuable teaching of yoga which is known as Aham Brahmasmi. She is inviting everyone to watch this short film.

Alive Forever is the song that has been performed within this beautiful film through internationally famous icon, Wai Lana. Set in the scenes from large city parks to sea beaches & cherry tree orchards, and people of all ages who came from different walks of life are immersed with sadness. If you want to get rid of the fear of getting old then you will surely enjoy Alive Forever.

This movie shares the historic yoga wisdom that was expressed as Aham Brahmasmi. This is an inspiring short film and this lovely film warms the heart with this simple message which comes with the power to free people from the anxiety of aging. While Wai Lana sings, she believes that all people could be happy and at peace, knowing that the true self is ever lasting and ever youthful.

Wai Lana is not just a charming and beautiful yoga teacher, but also a genuine advocate of healthy living to help people globally achieve well-being and inner peace. Wai Lana has produced different yoga products for people of all levels, designed kids’ yoga products, published lifestyle books, released a meditation kit, recorded music albums, and developed a complete line of yoga gear and she has her own selection of all natural snacks.

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