Nice-looking Way to Décor Party with Wine Glass

Nice-looking Way to Décor Party with Wine Glass

If you are heading a party soon the amazing party favors of wine glasses decoration is here to head the blasting celebration. We are going to show you the complete tutorial to help you in make the mood for hangover party. Try these ideas at home, your guests will surely going to impress with the creative and innovative ideas of using wine glasses for the decoration. But be careful glasses are so delicate, so use the glasses which don’t break easily. Perfect learning session is right here go for it.

Give Air Plant in Wine Glass


Get attractive air plant decoration in the wine glasses to team up the pub party, hang over party. It’s just like that easy guide to show the creative decoration in a minute. Get the crystal clear wine glass. Start with filling the sand first. Now press the air plant exact in the middle side of the sand. For special decoration you can use sea stones or other sandy materials. Now wrap this glass with a simple bow. Set a beautiful personalized wine bottle beside this artistic vase. A designer piece is innovated to invite guests in the wine party, corporate parties, congratulations party, housewarming event and many.

Create Attractive Centerpiece Using Wine Glasses


If you want this season’s party to be remembered for long time in the guests mind, get the thoughtful decoration of wine glasses as a centerpiece. You can invite strawberries to cherries, red candies to thoughtful rose flowers for making this attractive centerpiece. Just flip the glasses at upside down. Now fill inside single flower, small M & M’s candies, sun flowers and many of other things as per the theme of the party. The base is used to make the attentive candle stand. It is simply an effortless task to get the instant votive holder. If you wish you can also fill it with rose petals to get the whimsical arrangement in the wedding anniversary or wedding event.

Wine Glass to Make A Cake Stand


No need to buy a cake stand from the market. You can get the fun of making DIY cake stand with wine glasses. Wine glasses can be used as a designer hold to make the amazing cake table decoration. You can choose the glass of your choice with wide mouth. Now the time is to dip the glass in your choice color. If the party theme is pink you can choose a pink color. Or even you can glue the confetti on the glass to shimmer the cake stand. You can also spray the paint and let it dry for some time. Now turn the glass into upside down, and stick the round edged glass dish on the top of it. Beautiful cake stand is ready to blow the mind of guests.

Edible Letters on Wine Glasses


Let your guests raise the toast of happiness with wine glasses decked in the edible letters. It is truly a fantastic idea to win the heart of guests. Find unique personalized gifts from our custom gift delivery shop.

Welcome your guests with the personalized edible letters written by using stencils, corn syrup and cinnamon. Try this unique idea to give the special recognition to every individual. You can paint the name or any kind of message using this edible supplement. First use the corn syrup to work as a glue. Now put the stencils on the glass and sprinkle the cinnamon on it. Edible letters surprisingly looks superb after decoration.

Beach-Inspired Centerpiece


Let the beach theme party give the best matching Beach-inspired centerpiece at no cost. First fill the wine glass with sand. Now take the sea shells and place it on the sand to cover it. Now what? Simple just place the hanging candle holder inside this. It enhances the beauty of the glass and party too. You can take it as a table centerpiece or follow it as a décor in every corner of the wall. It brightens and lightens the party place. If you are heading the party at home still you can feel the beach party with this unique idea.

Chandelier from Wine Glasses


Its generation’s classic design you will love to do it yourself in every party. An amazing workout can bring the effective decoration you ever had before. Here you will require stemware, light fixtures, black wire, needle-nose pliers and black aerosol paint. First hang the light fixture on the ceiling. Now wrap the half of the wire on the stems of the glass and wrap the half of the wire on the fixture. Tie other glasses like this. Now repeat the same manner in the second layer of the fixture. time is come to cover the stems of wine glasses with black wire. Fascinating chandelier is ready to delight the party place. If you want the sporty look you can also add mixed color lights inside this chandelier. Your party is going to glow as never before with this amazing chandelier.

Wine Glass Snowmen Candle


Highlight the wine party theme with this amazing candle craft. Use water color and paint the snowman of your choice on wine glasses. You can also use paper crafts if you wish. But it can burn somehow, so the spray paint or color painting is an ideal choice to decorate the glass. You can use many smiley snow man’s paintings on the wine glasses and keep it upside down. Here is a spotlight snowman candle decoration to sparkle the party place.

My learning session is over here. Now it is over to you, when you are going to use these ideas. Certainly these are the great ideas to get DIY decoration of wine glasses without facing any problem. Just you require sturdy bunch of wine glasses. Please do not be in hurry while preparing it. Glasses can break up and you know this would effect to your cost also. Slowly apply all the ideas on the glasses. This gift is going to be one of the wonder decorations your guests never looked before.

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