Wedding Planning: Use These Tips to Plan a Budget-Friendly Wedding


Wedding is one of the most momentous days in the life of an individual. While most people would like to have an extravagant wedding, nothing short of a grand carnival, the cost factor is a huge bother – which crushes one’s dreams of having a big fat wedding. Whether it is the cost of décor or food, everything burns a hole in the pockets of the groom and the bride. If you are planning to get married soon but are worrying about the expenses, here are some tips that you can use to plan a wedding that comes within your budget.

Chalk out the finances

Finances are a big part of wedding events. Thus, before you start your wedding preparations, you need to consider the amount of money that you have. Map out the expenses of each function or event that you plan to have. Do not forget on adding post-wedding and pre-wedding costs on your list. When you outline the finances, it can be easier for you to understand the amount that you may spend and how much you will be able to save.

Plan return gifts for wedding

Wedding return gifts are a great way to pass on the good luck of the groom and bride to the guests. There is a wide variety of wedding favors or return gifts that can suit all types of budget. You can get great gifts at online gift marketplaces and pick from cheap options such as box of chocolates or sweets, silver or gold coins, organic fruit baskets, incensed candles etc. The concept of return gifts was started by European dukes, kings, aristocrats etc, and giving such presents can help you eliminate all feelings among guests that you have organized a cheap wedding.

Use flowers for decoration

You can use fresh flowers as a prettier, more authentic and inexpensive alternative to costly iced decorations. In case any of your family members is an especially skilled florist, you can get his / her help and request that individual to decorate your wedding venue. For the venue and other decorations, ensure that you pick seasonal local flowers that are available at lower costs. You may also try to decorate the venue with green foliage that can be cut from free from the surrounding countryside, although you should be careful to ask for permission.

It is a good idea that you conduct market research beforehand and enquire about the costs at various sources before you finalize on one. Also ensure that you choose flowers that are available easily during your own wedding season.

Exploit your family members’ skills

A great way to save on your wedding costs is to use the talents of your family members and friends, and use the same. It is a good idea to invite your relatives and close friends for the event. Seek help from your close friends for lighting and decoration. Make it seem as if it is a house party where everyone invited is helping in some way.

Benefit from sales offers offered in the season

Every wedding shopping begins a minimum of two months earlier. Thus, you have to keep a tab on your upcoming sales. Plan all your purchases when you find interesting discounts and offers on all types of outfits. Few things can be better than a 50% discount on the suit or bridal apparel of your choice. Some sales cater to brides in a big way.

Get married on a weekday

Choosing a weekday wedding has its advantages. According to research, most wedding venues are found to charge more for weekend weddings. The price is less for a weekday wedding. Thus, you have to wisely plan your wedding dates so that you save on the costs of the venue.

Make a practical guest list for your wedding

The wedding day is a big occasion, and you would like to invite everyone from your childhood friends to the local plumber. But do you really need to invite people only for the sake of invitation? That will simply amount to spending excess money without any reason. Rather, you should sit down and have a careful discussion with your family members prior to finalizing your own guest list. Thereafter, according to that list, you would decide the Wedding return gifts to give your relatives.

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