Start School With A Healthy Smile

Healthy Smile

Oral health problems could be one of reasons of bad performance of your kid at school. This is something you should not ignore ever. After all, kids had to miss the school many times during a year due to tooth pain or some other dental issues.
So, you should help your kid maintain oral health and do better at school. That’s why, summer breaks turn out to be a great time for prepare kids for their first day of school. In those off-days, you can make the kid understand the ways of maintaining oral health.

Tips to give your kids a healthy smile –

  • First of all, teach your child the value and benefits of brushing.
  • Join them in their daily brushing schedule, make them hold the toothbrush properly and move it in circular motion.
  • After brushing, ask them to floss the teeth and then clean the tongue.
  • Make then brush at night – just before hitting the bed.
  • Keep an eye on what they eat, and never allow them gorging on sugary stuff as this harms the teeth a great deal.
  • Don’t let them consume soft drinks and if they insist, make sure the frequency is very low.
  • Teach them the health and dental benefits of drinking too much water on a daily basis.
  • Let them use only a toothbrush that has soft bristles, and a toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • Take them to the dentist, then their teeth and gums checked properly.
  • Ask them to follow the diet plan recommended by the dentist as not doing the same can harm the glow of their smile.
  • Stop them from eating too much of chocolates, cookies etc.

In overall, your can let the kid follow all these steps to get healthy teeth. This is how they will return back to the school with a healthy smile.

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