How To Manage Your Family Time When You’re a Freelance Writer.

Some people think that freelance career is a blessing. You sit at home and have enough time for working, for your hobbies, for meetings with friends, and for your family. In reality, to manage your family while building a freelance career is a challenge.

From the first sign, freelance gives flexibility with running your everyday routine. But the truth is that most of the freelancers have problems with managing their time and setting proper goals. As results, they cannot accomplish their tasks, they have no time to spend with their children, and they even have no idea how to clear a house.
But everything comes with experience. In several months, you will feel quite confident with dealing several tasks simultaneously. If you have no time to wait for the results, use our techniques and strategies for a successful combination of work and family being a freelancer.

Become a god of planning

You do not need to find patterns of planning, or write down what you need to do in order not to forget that. You need to become a real professional of scheduling everything. Estimate time for every task and write even the least important things that you need to do. Create a detailed schedule for your day. If you need to play with your kid in the morning, write that down. But be realistic with your plans. If you know, that you need two hours to accomplish an order, do not write that you need half an hour. In case your morning routine takes one hour, you should consider that while creating your schedule.

Always talk to your spouse or partner before you settled down all things with your schedule. Perhaps, he or she has different plans that you need to take into consideration.

Wake up early

Many freelancers prefer to work at night. However, the most productive period of a day is morning. Using morning hours you can complete all your tasks and leave more time for your family. Moreover, when you wake up early everyone else is asleep. If everyone disturbs you during a working day, this is a good chance to work at least a few hours in silence.

Make outlines

When your kids permanently disturb you from your work, you start to forget things. You do not remember what tasks you have already completed and what of them require some clarification. The best way to overcome this problem is to make outlines. In this way, you will also save your time, and time is precious for all freelancers.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is the most dangerous enemy of all freelancers. When you work full-time, there is always someone who controls you and does not give you a chance to ignore your responsibilities. When you are at home, you start to do everything possible just to avoid the job you need to complete. You wash dishes, clean your room, or just sit trying to catch an idea. If you have problems with getting concentrated, use time management techniques. For example, you can try a famous Pomodoro approach for dealing with your job.

Find a pattern to estimate your working efficiency

You should always understand your daily or weekly efficiency. Develop a certain pattern that will help you understand your achievements for a certain period of time. For example, freelance writers frequently use amounts of written words or symbols for their patterns.

This is a secret tool that will help you understand how effective your schedule is and how good you are at following your plans.

Ask for a help

If you want to become a successful freelancer, but you have several kids of different age, you may fail. Your kids want your attention, but sometimes even a few hours per day are not enough. You need to walk them to school, prepare dinners, clean their rooms, and do thousands of things in an hour. The best solution to this problem is to find a babysitter and someone who will help you to keep your house clean.

Spend weekends with your family

Sometimes, freelancers forget about weekends. They work all week long and do not even understand when it’s Monday, and when the time to have some rest came. To be more effective with your job, you need to take pauses. Do not use weekends as a time to complete all unresolved tasks or find new orders. It is better to spend this time with your family!

Being a freelance writer, always remember that job comes and goes, and your family is the only one. Never sacrifice time that you can spend with your kids! At the same time, do not forget that your kids will grow someday and you need to teach them how to be independent and solve their problems without your help. Give them space to develop as persons, and develop yourself as a professional!

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