How to Run A Business While Traveling For Six Months Every Year – Infographic

In an ideal world, nothing should stop you from mixing business and leisure at the same time. That is the essence of work-life balance. Well, here’s good news. It can be done, especially if you are into an online business where all you need is a stable Internet connection, a laptop and a smartphone to manage it.

You can travel for six months nonstop and still be able to look after your business. How does that sound to you? What do you think about enjoying a location independent entrepreneur lifestyle and still become successful in your field?

Yes, indeed, traveling and doing business could be a great experience but it comes with a bunch of challenges, too. You have to be picky of your destinations, and make sure that there are support benefits available to induce productivity even while you are relocated. Many cities around the world have co-working spaces, including Prague in Czech Republic, Bali in Indonesia, and Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Other challenges are about developing a routine, keeping the team together, and being disconnected with your friends and family back home for the duration that you are away. You will read about these hurdles and how to overcome them at this eye-candy infographics that we prepared for you.

Here is the illustration for you to enjoy.


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