Royal Jordanian: Special Rules To Carry Pets On-Board!

Royal Jordanian

Like every other airline, Royal Jordanian believes offering its passengers utmost comfort, travel assistance and special on-ground and inflight services on request. There’re times when children and even grownups can’t help travelling without pets and this is when you need to file a special request at the time of booking the seats.

Royal Jordanian welcome passenger flying with their beloved pets but only in Economy Cabin Class following a few important rules and regulations that must be strictly adhered to! Read on to find out more;

  • Weight of the animal and its crate or pouch must be in between seven and 15 kilograms

  • Total hours of flight mustn’t exceed five hours like in a long-distance journey

  • Only one pet per passenger is allowed

  • Total number of pets in all flight mustn’t exceed two that is, one in the forward cabin and other in the aft of the Y/C cabin

  • Container, cage or pouch dimension mustn’t exceed under-seat stowage area. Ask the details on this at the time of booking

  • Reservations must be made maximum 48-hours prior to scheduled departure time

  • Approval must be taken from the Systems and Procedures Section of Royal Jordanian


Charges or cost of taking a pet on-board are similar to that of excess baggage or simply as per weight. Do note that a pet isn’t considered part of passenger’s free baggage allowance!

Pets as checked baggage

Cats, dogs and small domestic pets accompanying a passenger are accepted a checked baggage. However, they’ll be treated as excess baggage carrying a certain cost you need to pay at the counter and aren’t included in the pre-checked baggage allowance. Other conditions that must be met before accepting a pet on-board flight are;

  • All reservations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight

  • Pre-approval from the Systems and Procedures Section

Condition for Falcons in the cabin

A falcon as pet is considered an emblem of royalty and passengers flying out of an Arab country usually take the bird as a valuable souvenir or simply a beloved pet.

  • Falcons may be carried on-board the flight only on limited occasions especially in the Gulf region

  • Permission is granted only for passengers flying in Economy Class (Y/C)

  • For extreme safety of both the bird and pretty much everyone else, falcon(s) must be properly hooded

  • Seats booked for a falcon and its owner must be window seats in the aft section of Y/C zone

  • A chain or rope must be secured at each end of the bird throughout the flight however, make sure you aren’t hurting the pet in any way

  • Valid health certificates and other necessary documents of the falcons must be there as a necessary requirement for transit

  • Falcons are only accepted at owner’s risk

Pet fees

Before carrying a pet on-board the flight, it’s important to know the cost therefore avoiding inconvenience from the start.

  • For each pet, the amount charge would be twice as that of the normal excess baggage and it shouldn’t exceed 32 kilograms

  • If for instance a pet weighs somewhere around 45 kilograms, charges would be three-times more than normal excess baggage as they’re divided into three excess baggage


  • Charges

A falcon is charged three-times the normal excess baggage rate and if a passenger’s flying with more than one, booking additional seat is a must of which charges are same as that of any other passenger.

  • Maximum number

Only two falcons per seat are allowed.


Rodents are strictly prohibited on all Royal Jordanian flights whereas the above details are crucial when flying with a pet.

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