The Challenges of Being an Interior Designer

Interior DesignerThe shrinking space for a sustained living in our cities and towns has meant that effective use of space is becoming of paramount importance. It is no surprise that the role of interior designers has been on the upswing. The increasing standard of living owing to better income levels also means that consumers are looking to design homes reflecting their articulate needs, styles and preferences.

Interior designers have been able to carve a niche for themselves today away from the shadows of architecture and civil engineering. While the career prospects of an interior designer are significant, not every designer is able to make a name in the long run. The use of extra ordinary designing capabilities and skills are bare essentials that not every interior designer possesses. A designer may have the right ideas and plans but if the execution of the designs is poor, it reflects badly on the designer. It is for this measure that an interior designer with a good team and a network of well skilled craftsmen and specialists maintains a upper hand compared to rivals and peers..

Interior designing is more than just décor

Interior design is not just about design as is the common perception. While most interior designers are good with colors, designing elements, technical drawing or space designing aspects, maintaining a good network of clients, contractors and suppliers is just as important.

Maintaining a large and reliable network is the key

The realm of an interior designer can be way too large. From setting up the inside ambience of a room to planning and executing the underlying theme of a building or a corporate house, the options are endless for an interior designer. A common denominator however is the fact that a designer is just as good as his team of individual skilled workers. If the work force is not skilled enough to follow the designer, the execution may look a whole lot different than what was planned or perceived by the designer on paper.

Specialists that make up an interior designer stand out

So if you are a budding interior designer or plan to start your interior designing services, here are five must have specialists that you as an interior designer should posses to ensure execution of the designs go as per the drafted plans.

1: Contractors

From civil contractors to contractors dealing in different materials like piping, steel, glass etc, having an in house team of specialists can make a big difference. Working with regular contractors will ensure that all such contractors are accomplished with the style of working and as a result are able to understand the needs of the designer. Having new contractors for every project also can lead to unwanted delays due to shortage of labor by the contactors. With a regular contractor the designer knows the quality offered by the associated contractor and their work force capabilities.

2: Artisans

Artisans are the next most significant specialist to have in your in house team as an interior designer. The work of a designer involves designs and graphics which can only be done by accomplished artisans. From articulate work on glass or steel or use of lighting panels in walls or ceilings, only well versed artisans can ensure the designer’s vision is matched on the ground.

3: Designers

As an interior designer grows with time, it is only natural to have a team of sub designers in the mix. Sub designers can be interims or younger designers looking for experience by working on various live projects. Having a network of such sub designers can ensure that work load can remain divided and the chief designer is able to do full justice to every project without repeating designs far too often for clients.

4: Decorators

As an interior designer you will need the help of various decorators as you plan to add value or beautify the homes of your clients. With home décor market booming in recent times, not having a decorator on board who is a regular vendor for all projects can upset the costing structure while compromising on the quality of decoration materials available for use.

5: Manufacturers and vendors

Interior designers do not always rely on readymade stuff available in the market. Some unique clients may seek a unique home leading to a unique concept in design. As an interior designer you should have the option covered by having various manufacturers and vendors capable of designing and making new structure as per order. For example piping or glass manufacturers are often used by designers to alter the designing elements on the main gate of a house or bungalow. Maintaining a network of all such manufacturers and vendors capable of offering new designs increases the range of a designer multifold.

A best interior designer in Bangalore is a creative workspace that offers good career prospects for the talented individuals. Maintaining a reliable network on various vendors, artisans and contractors can make the difference between a good designer and a great designer.

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