Affordable or Luxury: What’s Your Personal Choice for Villas

Personal Choice for Villas

Buying a flat or a house in generally amongst the single largest investment that one makes in their life. This is the reason why a lot of thought goes into buying a place to live in because there are a lot of factors involved. Nowadays, the promoters and developers are coming out with different types of properties and leaving people spoilt for choice. The fact that there are so many types of properties on sale is making it even harder for people to zero in on their apartment of choice.

There are apartments which are providing all sorts of amenities and this plays a huge part in deciding. These amenities include things like gyms and tennis courts which all help I providing a work life balance as people seem to have less and less time in today’s busy world. Promoters also have cut throat margins and hence they cannot price their properties as per their whims and fancy. Instead, they are forced to keep prices competitive and in line with their competitors. This is one of the main fronts where customers did not need to sit down and compare prices. The question in case is the fact whether it is better to buy a luxury villa or an affordable villa. Let us see some of the benefits of villas.

Cost of the property keeps on increasing
Whether it is simply for investment purposes or residential, since villa properties are a niche thing, they come at a higher value since promoters and developers try and keep these to a limited number. This ensures that the price of these properties keep on moving up at a steady rate even when it is occupied. The fact that the population in India keeps on increasing is also a factor for overall property prices going up. It is a well-known fact that imbalance in demand and supply ratio for these villas has an effect on the cost of the property.

Very good value during resale
As mentioned before, villas are a very niche and exclusive thing and the number of villas made generally far exceed the numbers needed. This is one reason why these always have a very good resale price even in secondary markets. So, if one gets a villa just as an investment even, it is sure to guarantee good returns if sold in the future.

Very good return on investment
When one gets a property that carries a niche tag, then the one thing that is ensured is the fact that a unique property has just been purchased and this is that one type of property that will never go out of style as the purchasing power of the people keep going up and people seem to want the best of the best if money is of no object.

When the choice comes to deciding between a luxury villa and an affordable villa, the obvious factor that draws a defining line is the amount of money that one has to pay. While luxury villas provide a lot of frills, it also comes at a much higher cost. If money is not the question then it is always a good decision to stay in the luxury villas in Sarjapur road as they have a higher appreciation rate in terms of property value.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what makes your kids, spouse and parents happy. Family is the most important part of it all, whether it’s that extra guest room or that little garden outside your window. Just make sure you go for what your folks will love and not what some generic calculation deems more valuable. That’s all you really need to care about!

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