Places That Highly Admire Tourists In Antigua

Tourists in AntiguaAntigua and Barbuda are mainly the former British colonies that are located in the eastern Caribbean. Turned out to be an amazing tourist attraction, Antigua and Barbuda flaunt out some of the most stunning beaches in this world. Either you have Antigua citizenship or willing to apply for this, this place is simply the perfect package of history, culture and entertainment stuff.

Many visitors arrive at the cruise ship port and check-in to the beautiful capital of St. John’s, which is no less than a finely carved model of historic buildings, museums and shopping malls. Historians have been studying this port in order to preserve its history. Let’s enter this enticing mania to discover more about Antigua;

Half Moon Bay

The Heart-Throbbing Half Moon Bay lands over the best Caribbean Beaches. Covered by the reef, this amazing Bay offers great snorkeling experiences on the Calm Days. One would surely face the rough and tough circumstances when the wind is up and shore experiences angry splashes. Just off the beach, there is a small restaurant that serves delicious snacks. Just remember one thing, this particular beach can be difficult to find since there are so many around that’s why it’s better to get help from GPS.

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park

Having Shirley Heights and Clarence House, Nelson’s Dockyard National Park is named after Admiral Horatio Nelson who lived in Naval Dockyard in 1787. Home to many yachting and sailing events, Nelson’s Dockyard is the most attractive tourist spot in Antique. Once you are done with the Dockyard tour, you can enjoy the stunning views from the ruins of Fort Shirley. With the true essence of history and culture, this park happens to be amongst really famous and highly visited spot on the weekends. Many people who live at this place and possess the Antigua citizenship visit this park with their families.

St. John’s

Being the Capital City as well as the Cruise Ship Port of Antigua, St. John’s is also known to be considerably hospitable to the tourists. With the always welcoming gesture of people living here, Antigua give out the inviting vibes that makes the tourists feel good about this place. Penetrating into the skyline and flaunting from over the top are the towers of St. John’s Cathedral, which is one of the most prominent buildings of Antique.

If you love shopping, I suggest you get the Antigua citizenship as soon as possible because this is just the place for you. Radcliffe Quay offering souvenir stalls beckon, Duty Free Shops at Heritage Quay and lively public markets on Fridays and Saturdays. Undoubtedly, this place is simply too go to visit at least once in the whole life.

Summing it up, Antigua is truly one of the best places in the world that doesn’t just admire tourists but persuades them to home it. Perhaps that’s the reason for why many are either planning or heading to be the permanent citizens of this wonderful place on Earth.


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