Personal Experience: This Is How The COVID-19 Vaccine Affects Me

Read this article completely to know all the side effects of the corona vaccine and why COVID-vaccine is necessary.

COVID-19 has taken away the livelihood of many people, killed many people and ruined many families. Early detection of Covid-19 is very important for its treatment and that is why testing kits like Flowflex play an important role in its detection. Even with the COVID-19 survivors, many problems are being faced and various diseases have started troubling them. Most people are getting after-effects due to COVID. Vaccine is considered very important to avoid COVID and vaccine drives are going on all over India. One thing that is mostly seen with people getting vaccinated is that they are getting side effects of the vaccine.

It happened to me also that some side effects may be seen, but it is not necessary that everyone will have them. Some people are getting side effects and some are not.

After all, why do some people have side effects?

The biggest problem is that why only some people have side effects while some are completely fine.

Actually, the side effects of the COVID vaccine occur because an external antigen enters our body and tries to make its way into our immune system. In such a situation, our immune system reacts and there are problems like fever, headache, cough etc. The same problems occur when another antigen or virus enters the body. This is normal and even if you are experiencing side effects, there is nothing to worry about.

My COVID Vaccine Experience-

My experience with the COVID vaccine was no different. I also had many side effects, about which I will tell you in detail-

How did I get the vaccine booked-

I had booked the vaccine from the Vaccine tab of Arogya Setu. I had also registered on cowin through Arogya Setu. I found this method very easy because my free vaccine slot was booked in the very first time. If you want, you can also book your vaccination slot through the Cowin portal or the Arogya Setu app.

1 hour after vaccination

When you get the vaccine, you are asked to stay there for half an hour. This is because if you have problems after getting the vaccine or if your health immediately worsens, then you can be provided with medical help immediately. But I didn’t know anything in half an hour.

Yes, after 1 hour the pain started at the place of vaccination and the hand started getting heavy. But apart from that nothing different was felt. There was dizziness due to exposure to the sun, but that could be only because of the heat and the sun.

6 hours after vaccination

I was starting to have a little body pain, but still no fever. Also, after getting the vaccine, my hand was very heavy till now. There was a lot of pain in it and I was feeling heavy even lifting it.

12 hours after vaccination

The real side effects began 12 hours after the vaccine was administered. It seemed like a fever was coming and using a thermometer the reading was 99. But body pain and lower back pain had started. It was just like viral fever hurts. Due to this pain, the trouble was getting worse.

24 hours after vaccination

I was feeling a lot of heaviness in my hand as well as body pain. The fever was also increasing and had reached 101. It felt like I was just falling asleep. At such a time, taking rest can prove to be a better option.

48 hours after vaccination

There was a heaviness in the hand, but the fever had subsided and the maximum side effects had started to subside. After getting the vaccine, the effect lasted for 3 days for many people, but I had only 48 hours i.e. 2 days. Yes, the heaviness of the hand persisted even on the third day, but it had reduced considerably from the beginning.

All these side effects happened to me, but there was nothing I didn’t know about. I know many people who didn’t have any problems and didn’t get a fever in any way. If seen, these side effects vary from person to person and are a normal process caused by antigen after vaccination.

If you are afraid of such side effects and therefore do not get the vaccine, then it will be a mistake. You must get the vaccine and at the same time try all the ways to protect yourself from the corona.

If you have a serious illness or are undergoing treatment for something, then before getting the vaccine, you should consult with your doctor so that he can tell what kind of precautions you should take. Your doctor may also order you to stop your regular medication for a few days. But in such a situation, please consult your doctor first. Also, if the side effects are lasting more than 2-3 days, then also see the doctor. Many people have also complained of headaches at such times.

Overall, there is no need to panic due to the fear of side effects and it is very important to get vaccinated. By getting the vaccine, we can move towards herd immunity and defeat an epidemic like corona.

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