Introduction and Importance of Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Black pepper

The medicinal plants include various important herbs which are used to treat various diseases. Any part of the plant can be used as a medicinal plant such as fruit, seed, stem, flower, leaf, bark, etc. From time immemorial plants are being used as medicines. They had been used to treat various ailments such as cough, cold, fever, wounds, stomach aches, etc. Ayurveda is the branch of medicine which completely depends upon the medicinal plants for the treatment of diseases.

Various researches are being carried out to study the plant cell structure of these herbs. This would help them to identify the beneficial effects of these plants on humans.

  • Let us have a look at the various plants used in the form of medicines.
  • Black pepper, sandalwood, cinnamon, red clover, safflower, are used in case of wounds or boils on the skin.
  • Basil, fennel, apple mint, rosemary are easy growing herbs and can be grown in the kitchen gardens. They possess a pleasant smell and taste.
  • Many medicinal plants are used as blood purifiers. They enhance the immunity of a person.
  • Black pepper, safflower, sandalwood, chirayta are used to control fever and the heat produced by it.
  • Turmeric is used to heal cuts and wounds. It prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms.
  • These plants can also be used to reduce the effect of poison from animals and snake bites.
  • The leaves and roots of marshmallow serve as antacids. They help in reducing the acidity.
  • Ginger, eucalyptus, cardamom and cloves are used as expectorants and reduce cough.
  • Chemomile, fennel, cardamom, ajwain, basil, peppermint, spearmint are used as cardiac stimulants.
  • Cayenne stimulates the activity of an organ.

In ancient times, only medicinal plants were used to treat diseases by the Indian sages. They completely uprooted the ailment. Due to deforestation, many medicinal plants have been depleted. Also, people want quick results due to which they opt for synthetic drugs instead of relying on Ayurveda. Therefore, it is very important to promote the use of medicinal plants to save human lives.

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