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A little bit of cough can go on to bring a standstill to your life and you cannot blame the misery of a changing season. Cough ceases to be a natural reaction when mucus drains down towards the back of your throat. Torex Herbal syrup in India might provide you with considerable relief. The moment we end up suffering from cough or cold our natural reaction is to opt for home remedies. This is a clear cut signal that the body is ready to clear out the irritants from the system. As per Ayurveda the main reason for cough is excess Pitha

Home remedies to deal with cough

Turmeric Milk
To clear your throat you need to drink a glass of milk daily with ½ teaspoon of turmeric. In addition another effective home remedy would be to add garlic to be above blend. You need to boil a clove of garlic and then add milk on to it. This is an ideal treatment for cough as it clears the throat as even ginger can be used as an alternative to garlic. To derive proper benefit of this remedy you should drink it at night before you proceed to bed to avoid any irritations

Giloy juice
If you are suffering from chronic cough you need to consume a couple of teaspoons of Giloy juice with water till you feel better. This helps you in terms of immunity and balances the three doshas. Acting as an anti –allergen allergic reactions due to pollution is taken care.

A combination of honey, cinnamon and mulethi
You need to take ¼ teaspoons of each of them and mix it with water and once you are going to have it twice in the morning and evening is expected to work wonders. As per study reports, it has been found out that honey is more powerful than over the counter medicines available. The main ingredient of torex cough syrup Company is honey.

Black pepper
If productive cough occurs, an ideal home remedy is black pepper. You need to mix ½ teaspoon of black pepper along with desi ghee and consume it on a full stomach.

The quality of heating helps to reduce congestion. For better results this mixture needs to have a couple of times during the day.

Spiced tea
To get rid of a bad cough nothing stands in comparison to a cup of spiced tea. To prepare you need add a tinge of cinnamon, cloves along with a single teaspoon of ginger powder.

The combination of all the three herbs is expected to heal you from the inside. These warm spices go on to reduce congestion of your lungs and helps to combat issue of a runny nose.

When you sleep coughing tends to increase. The reason being that the mucous would dip from the nose on to your throat when you are lying down. You can go on to tackle this situation if you keep your head in a higher position when sleeping. This cuts down on coughing and helps you sleep better

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