How To Find Inspiration In Everyday Things

Inspiration concept crumpled paper light bulb metaphor for goodHow often do you struggle with yourself to start doing something or pull yourself together? Don’t blame yourself when you feel stuck. You just need some motivation to keep going forward. Whatever you are up to, whether it’s regular workouts, professional growth or foreign language learning, you always need a good push to get down to it. Laziness, and boredom are unbeatable if you just sit and do nothing about them. Then you just shouldn’t let them in and a few simple everyday things will boost your inspiration and confidence.

Follow successful people


For me, nothing is more encouraging than the stories of successful people. These not necessarily have to be the most famous businessmen in the world. Even some friends of yours could be a good example for you. It’s not jealousy that you should feel – it’s an immediate desire to get down to things as soon as possible. I always say to myself that everyone has only 24 hours a day and it’s up to them (and up to me too) how to use this time. Read blogs of creative people, subscribe to their newsletters, visit inspirational conferences, watch webinars, talk more to your creative friends and you will see you really want to achieve more in your life and you are ready to start immediately.

Visual boards


The effect from visual boards is impressive. Dreaming of a fit body? Pin an image of a fit woman/man on the board so that you could always see it in front of your eyes. Hang pictures of all the things you would like to have in your life and you will always see that you need to work harder to make these things real for you. Even though pictures work better than words, you can also write motivational quotations and occasionally pay attention to them.

Get involved in creative activities


Creativity is one of the best ways to boost your motivation. Try to do some hand-made things, write a blog or draw something. If your job involves creativity but you are currently feeling stuck, discover new trends in your industry and you will see there are so many things you need to catch up on. Even though you always need some rest, you should never stop developing yourself as an industry professional and an individual.

Clear your mind


Various physical and meditation activities are extremely favourable for your mental activities. If you are like me, then when you practice Yoga, an instant desire to be a perfectionist in everything will come to your mind. Go jogging, exercising or meditating to fill your body with new energy and motivation to study or work. Such things as Yoga can also have an impact on your lifestyle and thus make you an emotionally stronger person. Try to begin every day with inspiration (

Add colour into your life

silhouette woman beach

Put on some bright clothes, pin colourful cards on your pinboard, install some bright decorations in your house, like curtains or bedclothes. Rearrange items and furniture in your room. Drink tea or coffee from funny cups and prepare bright meals. Do not ever wait for a special occasion – eat from attractive plates, wear nice clothes, sleep on beautiful bedclothes. These small things can make your day brighter and fill it with inspiration. Do not let the routine take control over you.


You don’t need to wait for someone to push you. Do you know the secrets of the majority of successful people? It’s not workaholism or the absence of laziness as you might think. The real secret is a very powerful goal, strong inspiration and working on things that matter to them.

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