Interior Designing Fact Check For Your New Home

Interior Designing

Unless you have a professional interior designer to help out, you may land up making the new home look like a museum full of curio pieces or a like a shop selling second-hand goods! If you have just relocated to your new home, you may wish to know a basic overview of the décor of the main rooms and use the space stylishly.

Before starting interior designing

Before starting interior designing

If you have just booked one of the spacious flats in CV Raman Nagar or even a luxury apartment in Yeshwanthpur, you may feel contented. But the real contented feeling would come when the home has been decorated. We might not spend more than two hours in the dining area, but its importance lies in the quality meal hour. Many interior designers deal in custom-made dining tables which are made by the taste, needs, and requirements of the clients. While the rectangle shape is the most popular, square, and round dining tables are popular in smaller living rooms. The glasstop tables are more popular as they are easy to move and light-weight.

The dining room cum living room’s furniture is important. Right from the dining table to chairs to a sideboard, the room needs a complete setting for a family to have a quiet meal. The dining table is the centrepiece of the room. It needs to be sturdy. Whether one is looking for formal, traditional, casual or modern styles, the buffet table, chairs and the sideboards should be picked with taste. Certain variations can be done according to personal taste and economic status.

Using curved spaces intelligently


Some homes have a distinct personality with unusual interiors. They also have natural curved spaces which can be enhanced with wall framing. A unique landscape can be created inside with a curved wall framing to enhance the look. With a wall bracing and hangers, a curved wall can have an incredible look and feel- all this can be achieved at no extra cost to the committed budget. Look up for luxury flats for sale in Yeshwanthpur to know how you can embellish the walls of your new apartment.

Wall bracing and hangers are used to make curved roofs or domes. Customized curved walls can be created by professional designers. It can be constructed and applied to the wall easily with a wall mounted hanger with wires for end contacts. Bracings can be crossed or straight and support the entire framework.

Have you considered pillow designing?

pillow designing

Interior designers believe it is not very important to match pillows with the upholstery. They can either be of the sofa’s fabric shade or can be co-ordinated as contrasts. They give the room a more mature and exotic look. Decorative pillows come in various styles, colors, designs, patterns, fabrics, sizes, shapes, textures, and embellishments. Similarly, colors also have a cascading effect on the overall mood. Rich and dark colors create warmth in winters while cooler colors like blue and green instantly freshen up a room.

Blinds add mystery

Bamboo blinds

Whose knocking wood? Peeping into the blind, it could be a bird, butterfly, or a delivery boy at the other end. Bamboo blinds are a part of the fashionable trend in window décor with environmentally conscious consumers. These blinds have utility value and are ideal for luxury flat owners. They can be used at any or all locations in homes. In the bedroom, with a curtain overlay, they add a beautiful touch, for light sleepers. For a dark grotto feel, a blackout liner or a dimmer liner to prevent the sunlight infiltrating, is very good. The blinds spice up your kitchen or bathroom, moisture can shorten their life. Unless you have specially treated bamboo blinds, keep them out of the bathroom and away from moist places in the kitchen.

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