Enjoy Delicious Food Even on Your Train Journey


Indian railway is the largest rail network in Asia, and most of us have enjoyed the train journey in different locations of India. Many of us have taken the day trips, overnight journeys and sometimes 2 to 3 days long journeys. The greatest advantage of train travel is that we won’t get tired easily like any other mode of travel. But until recent times people find it difficult to manage their food during the train journey. And many used to avoid these journeys only due to the food factor. But with the advancement in technologies, one is able to have the favourite food even during the travel.

What is the need?

Many people won’t prefer to compromise their eating habits even during travel. They wish for fresh food on time whether they are at home or outside. For a day-long journey, they may keep the homemade food with them. If the journey extends to more than one day, all these things won’t work spoiling the whole fun of the journey. More than that people will love the food in train, concept if they are served with hot and delicious food as per their order.

Some other travellers would like to know the tastes from different places and if it is possible to arrange the food from a particular place, inside the train, that will be a pleasant experience. One can enjoy the most delicious flavours from the renowned restaurants from different parts of India, through this facility.

How does it work?

More than 2 billion train passengers are blessed with the online food facility in India. With the e-catering facilities, train passengers can make an advanced booking for their meals each time. Most of the service providers serve the most hygienic meals on the train. Placing an order in these systems goes like the following way.

  • In the typical food app, one has to enter the PNR number or train number.
  • Select the preferred restaurants
  • Make the order according to the available menu
  • Choose secure payment gateways or go for cash on delivery options for bill payment
  • Enjoy the delicious food served before you in your berth.

The main highlights

The food on a train can make every journey memorable and more enjoyable, especially if you are a foodie. The attracting plus points behind this concept are,

  • Fresh and hot food
  • Unlimited choices on the food
  • Choose from the most established restaurants
  • Feel the taste of different culture

Wrapping up,

Everyone prefers pleasing journeys, especially by train. The food in the train concept makes the journeys more comfortable and hassle-free. The reliable service offered by many caterers ensures the food safety of each passenger. The traveller can feel the authentic taste of each place he is passing by and keep a long-lasting memory of that place. With the help of a train tracking system, the whole journey of you can be monitored and one can make use of this service in the entire journey.

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