Cosmetic & Aesthetic Sector – Risk Management

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Getting a treatment or procedure wrong can have serious consequences for your business. A client that is pursuing a claim against you for malpractice and negligence can cause huge damage to your business so it’s important that you fully assess the risks and ensure that you have the correct insurance policy that covers your business. Risk is a key factor for consideration for a wide range of businesses and is not just limited to the cosmetic and medical aesthetics sector. Mistakes can happen and this is also a key reason as to why you need to make sure that you have the correct policy to protect your business in the event of a mistake or issue during a procedure.

This article discusses the potential risks that businesses may face in the medical aesthetics & cosmetic sector as well as the steps that you can take to mitigate and reduce the potential risks. It’s vital to have a clear and concise risk management strategy in mind and that you understand all of the various risks that may pose a threat to the reputation and credibility of your business.

Insurance to Cover Medical Aesthetic Procedures

There are a number of medical aesthetic procedures that clinics or practices can offer to their patients. Although there are stringent legal requirements for trained practitioners as well as their supporting staff, accidents can still occur and this could result in a malpractice or medical negligence claim being made against the business for damages caused directly as a result of the negligence caused. In order for an individual to make a medical negligence claim – they will need to prove that the injuries caused by the procedure would have only happened because of the negligent procedure or failure in duty of care. There are a range of cosmetic procedures in which you can arrange for a specific insurance policy:

  • Dermal Filler Insurance
  • Botox® Insurance
  • Micro Pigmentation Treatment Insurance
  • Chemical Peel Treatment Insurance
  • Laser Treatment Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Being a special type of professional liability insurance – medical malpractice insurance is ideally suited to protect businesses in the cosmetic & medical aesthetic sector. This professional liability insurance provides cover to those working in the medical sector and protects those insured from certain damages or costs that you may become liable for. The landscape of the medical sector is constantly changing – which is why it’s of the utmost importance to ensure that your business is covered in terms of liability and damages as well as medical malpractice negligence claims.

What are the Risks Associated With This Sector?

We have touched upon some of the risks that businesses or practices in the cosmetic & medical aesthetic sector may face but the following list outlines the major risks.

Failures in duty of care or mistakes during a procedure may leave you liable for a medical negligence claim made against your business or practice. Some examples of this may be.

  • Complications from cosmetic & medical aesthetic procedures such as reactions to treatments when records show a reaction could occur.
  • Failure to receive informed consent from a patient.
  • Mistakes during the procedure or the procedure being carried out incorrectly.
  • A faulty product or equipment was used for the procedure.
  • Lack of clear information was provided about the side effects or after effects of a medical procedure.
  • Aftercare that was provided was not to a standard to be reasonably expected.
  • The procedure wasn’t carried out to a standard that would be typically expected from a medical procedure.

It’s important to understand the risks and find the correct insurance policies for you.

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