Can I Grow Fruit Trees In London?

Increase Fruit and Vegetables Consumption

When you live in London you may find growing fruit trees challenging. When you see fruit trees for sale, you are more likely to ignore the adverts than click through and buy yourself a fruit tree. According to the team at specialist fruit tree growers Chris Bowers and Sons, it is such as shame that not more Londoners grow fruit trees. Dwarf fruit trees are perfect London.

Why should Londoners grow more fruit trees? Of course, Londoners should grow more fruit trees because fruit is good for you. Although you can buy fruit that has been grown in London, locally grown fruit is not easy to find. Fruit that has not travelled so far before we eat it is richer in nutrients that are good for us. City farms in London do produce fruit but not enough to feed the entire population of London.

Growing fruit trees in London would also help to cut down on air pollutants. To some it may seem unlikely that dwarf fruit trees can make a difference when it comes to pollution, but they certainly can. Imagine if every Londoner grew a dwarf apple tree?

Would you like to know more about growing your own fruit trees in London? Get in touch with experienced growers Chris Bowers and Sons and you will soon be growing your own dwarf fruit trees in London. Who knows? You may even start a trend!You see, one of the things that are so great about smaller fruit trees or dwarf trees is that you can grow them almost anywhere. If you only have a green space the size of a postage stamp, you can grow a fruit tree. Pick the right variety and you will find that your tree is happy to in a pot for many years. Think about the next time you see fruit trees for sale. What fruit tree would you like to grow in your green space?

One of the best things about fruit trees is that you can share the fruit when you end up with too much for yourself. Share your excess fruit with your local food bank or maybe give it to someone who is homeless on the street. Don’t forget about all of the delicious things that you can make with fruit. Making things like your own cakes, chutneys and jams is not very difficult at all. Many meats taste great when roasted or slow cooked together with fruit.

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