Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips for Couples

Top 5 Wedding Tips For Couples

Warmest congratulations if you have recently been engaged and are ready to embark on a new journey alongside each other. But wait, have you been struggling with countless questions and decisions? Why shouldn’t you be, after all, wedding planning can be cumbersome and stressful? This is probably the reason why you have been surfing the web for wedding planning tips.

Although reading blogs and tips to plan might ease some things for you, heeding to the words of wisdom of friends and family can be extremely helpful when it comes to planning your dream wedding. You should be clear that wedding is not a one way event, both you and your spouse are in this together, so share each other’s burden until you reach on a common ground for the venue, wedding rings, guests and food for your dream day.

Therefore, below mentioned are the 5 wedding planning tips for couples who are about to solidify their relation with a promise of lifelong commitment in the eyes of their friends and family. However, before you do that, we hope our general suggestions might help you get through the wedding planning phase.

Your Wedding Checklist

  1. Budget Planning
  2. Wedding Planner
  3. Wedding Rings
  4. Venue & Guests
  5. Food & Drinks 

Budget Planning

The first and foremost thing you should do is to sit down with you fiance and discuss the money you both are willing to invest in your wedding. Deciding on a common budget will offer you with a road map to wisely spend on your wedding without exhausting all of your savings in an unplanned manner. 

Because lets be honest, wedding is not about a day’s celebration but the days that will follow after and ensuring your financial stability is of utmost importance.

Wedding Planner

Hiring a professional wedding planner can really worth your money and time when it comes to weddings. Although, it might be an additional cost to bear but it will eventually help you bring the cost on different vendor services, because usually wedding planners come with their vendor collaborations. 

Besides, you can really sit back and enjoy your own wedding when there is someone looking out for each and every arrangement. Hiring a wedding planner within your budget will definitely be worth your dime.

Wedding Rings

The next big expenditure in a wedding comes in form of wedding band rings, although it is more of an investment than expense. Hence, one must be extremely careful when it comes to buying wedding rings for couples. 

Although, one should keep in mind to purchase wedding rings in advance, preferably, 2 months ahead of the wedding day. Since, wedding rings are crucial for the occasion and any unexpected delay might get compensated if you set out to buy wedding bands in advance.

Wedding Venue & Guests

Next in queue is the wedding venue for the ceremony, which can only be decided if you have the guest list ready with you. Getting the guest count ready can be helpful not in determining the required area of the venue but will also help you set the budget for food and beverages. 

Food & Drinks

Once, you have your guest list and venue ready, now all you have got to worry about are the meal courses that will be served as a gesture of your gratitude to the guests who have assembled to witness the union. Both the dishes and drinks served will depend on you and your spouse’s choice as well as the budget you set for food and drinks per head.


After having crossed the milestone of proposal and while preparing yourself for the next milestone of wedding, you can follow the above mentioned basic wedding tips, to ease your journey. And on the ending note, we would like to conclude that although, planning the wedding can be hectic but the right advice and support will pave a road to a memorable evening. We recommend you to buy wedding bands in advance. Your wedding venue, meal, music and most importantly the wedding rings will make your wedding day a memory.

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