7 Steps To Whitening Teeth with Natural Methods


Why pay for expensive procedures that whiten your teeth when you can whiten teeth with natural methods and ingredients? Even some commercially available products that are advertised as ‘teeth whitening’ aren’t as effective as they should be and, sometimes, they’re just an unnecessary risk.

We’re talking about using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. No, this isn’t anything dangerous or damaging to your teeth. It’s a proven method of teeth whitening that has a scientific background behind its success. Here’s what it’s all about!

Purchase Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Before you purchase these ingredients, we think that it’s essential you know how the mixture works and why it works. So, when you combine baking soda with water, it releases free radicals which remove molecules that cause stains on your teeth enamel. Hydrogen is used because it has the same effect on baking soda, but it allows the creation of a nice mixture. The ADA (American Dental Association) has concluded that this type of bleaching is entirely safe. So, go to the store and purchase some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Mix Up a Solution of Baking Soda and Peroxide

Okay, so the mixture itself isn’t complicated to make, especially when you consider that there are only two ingredients, but you do have to be careful with how much of each goes into it. It’s essential you don’t use too much baking soda because larger amounts can cause damage to tooth enamel. We recommend combining one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (do not use more baking soda than hydrogen peroxide).

Mix these two together until you create a paste.

Teeth Healthy

Dip a Toothbrush into the Mixture

Once you complete the mixing, it’s time to start brushing your teeth. You don’t have to wait at all to use the paste because it’s instantly available to use and whiten your teeth. Dip your toothbrush into the paste (you don’t need to take too much, a smaller amount on the top of the brush is fine). This is similar to what you’d do with Charcoal Tooth Paste which is also an effective method of teeth whitening.

Brush your Teeth with the Paste

Don’t be too aggressive with your brushing as you could damage teeth enamel if small, gritty particles are still present in the paste (although, you should do your best to avoid the existence of gritty particles). Leave the paste on your teeth for about one minute, and then you’re done!

Rinse your Mouth with Water and Spit

We recommend using warm water as cold water can cause uncomfortable pain. Make sure you take a large enough sip so you can wash out every single bit of the baking soda+hydrogen peroxide toothpaste. Rinse your mouth with care and spit everything out. If there’s anything left on your teeth, repeat this process until your entire mouth (and teeth) are clean of the paste.

Healing teeth

Brush your Teeth Normally

Now it’s time to use regular toothpaste. Even though toothpaste that we all use is good for our teeth and keeps them healthy, it can’t whiten them. This is where DIY methods such as this one come into play. Again, Charcoal Tooth Paste is another method that you could use to whiten your teeth, so if you’re interested, be sure to check it out. It’s in your best interest to wash your teeth gently and carefully as not to damage them in any way. This is true for both the DIY toothpaste and regular toothpaste! You can visit the website: http://discovercharcoaltoothpaste.org/

Repeat this Only a Few Times a Week

The downside of using a baking soda+hydrogen peroxide mix is that you can’t use it every day. Using it too often will cause damage to your teeth, and no one wants that. Remember: Moderation is everything so don’t push your luck. You’ll see the first signs of improvement in whiteness and shine in around 4-6 weeks. You don’t need to use it often because it’s powerful enough to be used only a couple of times per week. We recommend a maximum of three times (every second day, for example, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday).

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