5 Reasons On Why To Say No To Junk Food

Junk Food

The Outlets for fast food or the junk food have increased like anything in just a decade; the reason is quite simple it’s because of the boosting demands for the same.

Why is there this sudden break out of junk food in the last decade? Why is that more and more people are driven towards it? Why is the attraction for such food high than the attraction for the healthy food?

What are the consequences of indulging so much into junk food? What will be the situation over next ten years if this trend continues?

1. Marketing Leads To Vicious Cycle Of Appetite:

Ever wondered why Subway and Mc Donald got their Red and yellow colors for their logos or outlets, it’s because those colors trigger the craving to have food.

Also these days the ads they make products that are shown are not what they look like just a more creative way to attract children and others.

Or making popular people as their brand ambassadors or showing some children loving these stuff other kids get captivated by this and draw gradually to them.

This is how the cycle starts.

2.Addiction And Anxiety:

There was an experiment conducted on the mice, one set was given regular diet other set was fed with fast food, results with the latter set was that there was increase in their obesity levels with laziness, irritation if the fast food was not given to them as they have high sugars that create a stir of addictiveness with high amount of fats.

This leads to frequent mood swings in humans, increase in anxiety.

Moreover, these sugars provoke Depression levels.

Also, the packed or the canned food or those soft drinks are all so harmful and toxic due to the high level of sugars and preservatives.


There are some children whose parents are always called up by the school teachers, principals regarding their mischievous kids and majorly on their hyper activities and everyone feels maybe because they are of growing age and has lots of energy in them and don’t know where and how to use it.

But it can be a sign of hyperactivity caused by junks food. Parents these days are working too and face it difficult to make food all the time at home but then developing a habit of junk food is not a wise decision substitute with healthy snacks.

4. Overeating:

Sugar in these foods leads to the problem of overeating, and that will eventually lead to all types of problems like obesity in kids and causes irritation in kids when they are forced to have healthy food.

Hence in schools in teachers are being made to spread awareness on healthy eating, benefits of the same. Also, some schools provide healthy snacks and instruct the parents to send healthy food.

And on the of adults who are practicing weight loss by calories, forget to indulge in healthy calories rather will just focus on the calorie count.
They should keep in mind these fat calories are of no use to their body and won’t provide any nutrients needed by the body to perform its functions.

5.Hampers Mind Growth:

Studies and researches show the children having junk food progress at a slow pace compared to others.

As they are bound to have difficulty with spellings, reading skills due to omega-3 and omega-6.

On the other hand, children with healthy eating habits have strong control in verbal communication as well as sharp memory skills.

Children follow what they see. Hence even the elder generation have to mend their ways or else health will face a dark end. We can see the change as some of the food joints have opened with an aim to serve healthy and low-calorie diets, they should be acknowledged and also encouraged at home one can do several tasty experiments with our healthy food!

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