The World’s Most Unhealthy Health Foods

The World’s most unhealthy health foods-3

In the past, it was relatively easy to identify what was good and what was bad in terms of nutrition. The rules were simple. Eat a lot of green plants, avoid fatty foods, do not staff yourself during the night and drink a lot of water. But with the introduction of various fast food options, it is now harder than ever to determine what foods are actually good for you. On the extreme ends of the spectrum, it is easier to decide which foods to avoid and which ones would be good. But when it comes to the middle ground, the lines become blurry. Below are some of the foods that we were told were healthy and later turned out to be unhealthy.

  1. Gluten-free foods

It was claimed that gluten causes your body to react in certain ways that would be unhealthy in the long run and therefore swapping your diet to gluten-free foods would solve all your health problems.

The problem here is that gluten free foods are not as healthy as we are made to believe. For starters, a research conducted on gluten free foods was found to be almost 242 percent more expensive than foods with gluten. This is obviously more than many people can afford. The other problem is that the gluten-free foods are not as healthy as they are advertised to be. Most gluten-free foods have preservatives and additives that have been added to replace the gluten and these additives are just outrightly unhealthy.

  1. Peanut butter

We were told that peanut butter contains some “good” fats that are healthy for your body. This meant that you could easily just grab a can filled with peanut butter and start eating away.

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Peanut butter contains high amounts of calories that are healthy for human consumption. Sticking to this diet will no doubt make you healthy in the long run. However, the problem is that the peanut butter now contains several additives that include sugars that make the consumption very unhealthy. In addition to that, better options have come out including walnut butter and Almond butter that contain even greater quantities of healthy fats.

  1. Green juice

Green juice from kales, apples and the likes have been known to be great agents of detoxification. They are the best options when it comes to mental clarity and weight loss.

The truth is our bodies are designed in such a way that they are naturally able to detoxify. By eating real foods with enough fiber and antioxidants, the liver is able to clean the system and utilize the fiber in the body to ensure general body wellness and all organs will continue to function properly. The problem with juicing is that you utilize the sugars and leave behind the fibers, which are important in regulating your blood sugar level. The juice is responsible for the rise in your blood sugar level.

  1. Vegetable chips

The claim has always been that veggie chips are made from vegetables and therefore there is no need to worry about the health concerns. In fact, most vendors have always pushed for the idea of having a serving during every meal time.

The problem with this is that a fried chip, whether it is a vegetable chip or a potato chip is still harmful to your health. The factor that makes the food unhealthy is not the food itself but the saturated fats that are used to fry the chip. In addition to that, most labels on green veggie chips begin with the starchy ingredients that sometimes include potatoes. This in itself is unhealthy.

These are just a few examples of a few foods that we were once told were healthy and later came to find out they were unhealthy.

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