Summer Skin Care Routines for Each Skin Type

Are you looking for the best summer skincare routine for your skin type? Summer is the hottest season of the year and it has a lot to do with our skin from making it wrinkly, tanned to super dry or oily. Actually, it’s the season we enjoy most but it’s also a fact that it’s the most harmful time of the year for our skin. Everyone should make sure he/she protects his/her skin in summer. So, it’s the high time for you to refresh your skincare routine and be ready for the hot summer.

Dry Skin


Let’s start from dry skin. If you have this skin type you probably use lots of moisturizing products to make it as smooth and soft as possible. To treat it properly in summer you need to avoid hot shower. It makes the skin even drier. Instead, use warm water and spend 5-10 minutes under the shower as long steamy showers tend to dry out skin by washing off the skin’s natural oils. Use the right soaps. It’s recommended to heavily scented soaps in summer when you have dry skin.

Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Women with oily skin start hating their skin type particularly in summer because it’s the time of the year when our skin becomes oilier. However, if you treat it right you can fight against too much oil, dirt and unpleasant sweat. If you think that over-washing can save you then I am here to tell you that it’s a myth. The more you wash your skin the oilier it becomes. Just use the right washing technique and your skin will be thankful. According to the specialists cleansing is only the beginning; toners are especially important for oily skin. Pick up cleansers that best work with oily skin and don’t forget about the toner. Find the right SPF such as ‘oil-free’ and ‘non-comedogenic’. Finally, consider gel moisturizers instead of creams.

Combination Skin

Combination Skin

As for combination skin it requires special care and attention. Start with the most useful cleansing. Stop using soaps for your subtle facial skin and they tend to dry up your skin and sometimes cause irritations and other problems. You can use a natural cleanser like honey or milk instead. They are useful and more exquisite. Don’t forget about moisturizers and toners that deal with many skim problems. This is the case when you don’t have the right to skin sunscreen. It acts as a protection for your skin when you go out. Choose the sunscreen that compliments your skin type. You may also use night cream but it’s recommended to opt for a lighter option in summer.

Learn to Love your Skin

Learn to Love your Skin

And the final skin care tip is something more important than you can image. From now on, start loving your skin type and find its best features. For example women with oily skin should know that they will become less wrinkly than those with dry skin. On the other hand, women with dry skin seldom fight against popping zits and acne. There is always a bright side in everything you look at. Don’t forget to use a gentle body lotion or the best collagen moisturizer after cleansing.

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