Women’s Blazer Guide According to all Body Shape – Infographic

Women's Blazer Guide According to ALL Body Shape

A blazer is a perfect option when you want to look a little more polished without trying very hard at all. It is an essential part of business and casual wardrobe and is this stylish sleek and versatile piece of cloth translates across all seasons and occasions! However, not all blazers are made for everybody type.
Therefore, like women’s Tunic Tops, for finding the best blazer one should focus on their body types such as shoulder, hip and bust. According to these parameters blazers are defined.

1. Hour Glass: Choose blazers that are tailored to highlight the feminine physique, either cinched in at the waist or with a belt or peplum fit.
2. Rectangular: If you consider yourself straight from top to bottom, boxy masculine blazers look effortlessly cool and edgy on you.
3. Triangular: If you have a triangular shaped body you can wear blazer less heavy or plane form the bottom and emphasized on the top of the blazer such as fur coat.
4. Inverted Triangle: Wearing a Slouchy blazer or collarless blazers will add a feminine and clean look to your style.

Flattering our figures depends on finding the appropriate fits and styles. When it comes to this classic outerwear, one style does not fit every body shape. At Belle Love you will find beautiful Italian Dresses including blazers in variety of styles.

In the Infographic given below you will find a comprehensive guide about which body type should wear what style of the blazer.

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