Why Varicose Veins Are More Than Just a Cosmetic Issue

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are known for their dark, twisted appearance. They often appear in areas like the back of the legs, near the knee joint. They are commonly associated with older women. Many people think they’re just an issue of appearance. However, that’s really not the case. Varicose veins can have serious impacts for the people who deal with them.

Cosmetic Vs. Medical Issues

There are, of course, cosmetic issues when it comes to these swollen, collapsed veins. However, they can also be a fairly serious health issue. Varicose veins are generally a chronic problem. People who deal with this issue report achy feelings at the location where they appear. Doctors also know that this condition can be a symptom for larger circulatory issues.

One danger with these veins is that they’re collapsed. Instead of being strong and straight, they’re kinked and curved. This means that instead of pumping straight through, blood can start to pool in these veins. This can then cause clots. There are plenty of ways that people address this health problem. One of the simplest treatments is to wear supportive stockings. Compression stockings basically squeeze the legs. They make it easier for the strained leg veins to transport blood back to the heart.

Compression stockings come in several varieties. Some are sold in pharmacies. These usually offer just a little compression. Others must be professionally fitted. They are prescribed by a physician. By applying a greater pressure and being fitted to a specific leg, these can greatly improve a person’s condition. Of course, these stockings may support improved circulation. Some people even say they can arrest the problem in its tracks. But they can’t reverse the initial problem of the collapsed veins.

A Real Solution

For years, there have been surgeries available to people who struggle with these enlarged and swollen veins. Surgery can treat problematic veins that cause problems for patients. Sometimes, surgeons simply tie and divide veins. At others, they’ll actually remove them. Overall blood flow is not impacted, because there are plenty of veins deeper in the body. Of course, surgery is a big and expensive way to treat this problem. Luckily, new solutions are also becoming more and more available. One of these is Varithena.

Varithena is an injectable treatment. When this drug is injected into a twisted vein, it foams. This medicated foam causes the problematic part of the vein to fall apart. Once the section of vein is gone, the body simply adjusts. The blood supply moves to healthier veins in the same area. Varithena is notable because it does the same thing as surgery, but with a less invasive methodology. The foam is typically injected into the body through a catheter, which means the procedure requires a medical doctor.

It’s easy to find a Varithena varicose vein specialist near you. Simply check the Varithena website. They have list of certified physicians available. Millions of people in countries like the US and India deal with tortuous veins annually. This new technology is making big differences in their lives.

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