Why To Prefer Hotels Near Calangute Beach?

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Calangute beach is a popular tourist spots. I barely know someone who doesn’t love the beaches. This destination is not far away from Panaji and Panjim. So, the beaches are filled with humdrum everyday. This makes the idea of going to beach all the more fun.

An icing on a cake is definitely booking a hotel out of hotels near Calangute beach. If you are still confused, here’s why you must book a hotel near a beach.

  • You get to enjoy the breeze- It feels quite good when the cool breeze hits you. If you choose a hotel close to beach, in the night , you can sit in the balcony or open the windows of the room to experience it.
  • You can go anytime to the beach- The beaches are crowded in the daytime but by the night they are hardly any people. You can go to the beach during the nighttime as well. This way you will be able to have the best time at all the time of your trip. Infact, if you are short of time, you can even plan to roam around the city in the daytime and enjoy the beach time in the night.
  • You will be able to enjoy the wave sound- Nothing can beat the sound of the waves crashing on the surface. If you have not experienced it yet, you must as it is the most soothing and relaxing thing in the world.
  • You can make a lot of sand dunes- people enjoy carving their names on the sand and making sand dunes. It is indeed a lot of fun. No kid will be able to ruin the dunes in the nighttime; you can make as many as you want peacefully.
  • You can sit on the seashore in peace- away from the humdrum when you will sit on the seashore in peace listening to the waves and feeling the breeze you will feel the most calm and alive.

You may find the prices a bit higher than the hotels that are away from the beaches. However, you should still choose to stay in hotels near Calangute beach. Apart from the points mentioned above, staying near this beach is also great because during the day it is crowded and by night it is not. There are ample benefits of staying here, however, if you still feel it is getting a bit over the budget, there is always a chance of getting a good bargain. You can ask for a smaller room or a room with less amenities or luxury to make it fit in your budget. If the deal doesn’t go in your favor you should not leave the hotel due to a few bucks. When you are on a short trip, you are supposed to have the best time. If that requires little bit of money, you should not refrain.

So, get ready to enjoy not just the daytime of your trip to Calangute but the nighttime as well on the beachside. Choose a hotel from hotels near Calangute beach and you shall be sorted.

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