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Hand Tools

Hand tools are an essential component of everyday utility. We use them for small household works, mechanical work or industrial work. There is barely any limitation to the use of hand tools. These devices are hand-held tools used for mending or drilling, cutting etc. Humans have been using hand tools since the Stone Age. Today hand tools have undergone many changes and have emerged and transformed according to present day requirement.

To maintain efficiency at work and to ensure safety it is important to use the best quality hand tools for your business. Hand tools cover any tool which can be operated single-handedly and is a simple device, such as hammers, masonry tools, drills, pliers etc. these tools can be manual or battery operated or electrically powered. It all depends upon the individual designing as per requirement.

Eastman tools India is a supplier of hand tools with superior quality that matches your exact need. They are the pioneer in the hand tool industry for the last three decades and is serving across the globe with their world-class hand tools.

Let us take a look ata few of their star hand tools:

  • Spanners- Eastman is one of the biggest manufacturers of best quality spanners. Spanners come in a wide variety and are made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel or carbon steel. Use of these materials to make the spanners help it to remain strong as it has to undergo a huge amount of pressure. The chrome also helps it to stay away from rusting. Spanners are also known as wrenches in different parts of the world. There are different kinds of spanners starting from open head spanner, box head spanner, combination spanner, slogging spanner and many more.
  • Striking tools- Hammers have been in use since the early days of civilization. But it has adopted changes as per modern requirements. Eastman hand tool’s range of hammers includes specialized hammer for a particular use such as Claw hammer, Mechanist hammer, Ball Pein hammer, Cross Pein hammer, club hammer, Stoning hammer, and sledge hammer. All the hammers are designed efficiently to aid to accomplish desired work. The well-built hammer heads are accompanied with a wooden handle which keeps them light and also helps in proper gripping of the hammers.
  • Carpentry tools- A carpenter is an artist who shows his best creations on making a beautiful piece of furniture and other home décors. Tools play an important role in carpentry. The best set of tools can result in a fantastic creation of art. The experience of a carpenter and a proper set of hand tools make all the difference. Carpentry hand tools comprise mainly of Iron Jack Plane, Block Plane, Spoke Shave, Wood Working Vice, Clamps, Drills, Measuring tools, etc.
  • Drilling machine- drilling machines are used widely for drilling work. There is a variation for drilling machines based on requirement such as hand-held drill, power drill, and impact driver. Eastman power drill is one of the forerunners of this drive. Power drills are extensively used for drilling work that requires precision. It can reach a narrow workplace and can work effectively due to relatively lightweight and controlled torque which makes it a perfect match for semi-hard bases such as wood, plastic or soft metal.

Eastman tools India being into the business for around thirty years have understood the requirement of hand tools and have carefully engineered and crafter hand tools that suites every requirement with uncompromised quality.

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