Why Should You Consider Cold-pressed Juices over Regular?


A popular health trend today, juices are everywhere. Fruit and vegetable juices are full of antioxidants that help fight severe diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

However, it has been found that not all juices are healthy. The health and nutrition value of juices can be correctly determined from their ingredients and by the method of producing them.

Based on these aspects, cold-pressed juices come out as a much healthier option when compared to regular juices.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should consider cold-pressed juices over regular:

1. The Method of Extraction

Cold-pressed juices are made from a special machine or juicer. This type of juicer uses a hydraulic press and slow pulverizer to crush and gradually press the fruits and veggies in order to extract the juice.

Method of Extraction

In this process, spinning and blades are not involved at all, thus generating almost no heat. Hence the name cold-pressed juice.

Regular juices are extracted from the ordinary centrifugal juicer you are more familiar with.

This type of juicer separates the juice from the fruits and veggies with ultra fast-spinning blades inside it, generating a considerable amount of heat. The juice then passes through a mesh filter from where it is collected.

2. Nutritional Value

Since the functioning of the cold-press juicer does not involve any heat, the cold-pressed juice protects and retains the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables.

Nutritional Value

This way you get all their health benefits. The low RPM (revolutions per minute) that cold-pressed juicers operate on, enable the extraction of juices even from green leafy vegetables and herbs.

Drinking cold-pressed juices give you 100% of the enzymes and nutrients (including vitamins and minerals). Also, cold-pressed juices are rich in soluble fibre that helps control illnesses like diabetes and hypertension by increasing immunity.

Juicing removes the insoluble fibre from vegetables and fruits, allowing your body to better absorb the health-promoting enzymes.

Cold-pressed juices have an immediate effect on the body as they do not contain the fibrous pulp of the whole fruits and vegetables.

This way the body does not have to break the fibre down in the digestive system before making it usable.

Since the nutrients immediately enter the body and start functioning, on sipping cold-pressed juices, you feel an instant kick of energy.

The heat generated while extracting regular juices end up destroying the important enzymes in the fruits and vegetables.

The rapid spinning of the metal blades of a centrifugal juicer oxidizes the juice, which only further destroys its nutrients.

The layer of foam that you’d have surely noticed on your fresh-made juices is actually a layer of dead nutrients and enzymes caused by oxidation.

Regular juices end up as being freshly squeezed, pulpy juices that are not as nutritionally potent as cold-pressed juices.

Regular juices lack the vital fibre content. You cannot get power-packed green juices as the decreased efficiency of a centrifugal juicer is unable to extract juices from leafy greens.

3. Detoxification

Drinking cold-pressed juices aid your body in detoxification. Every day you tend to subject your body to environmental toxins like smog (a mixture of smoke, gases and other atmospheric pollutants).


Also, you allow the entry of toxins like junk food and alcohol inside it regularly. The three main organs for detox are the liver, kidneys, and skin.

Excess of toxins in the body tire these organs out as they strive hard to keep up and control the detoxification process.

Cold-pressed juices, being rich in nutrients and fibre, help the detox organs fight toxins and improve immunity and health. Thus they help ease the strain of detoxification on your body.

Regular juices, with their negligible content of vital nutrients, enzymes and fibre, are not so useful in the process of detoxification.

These juices, in no way, aid the functioning of the liver, kidneys, and the skin.

4. Shelf Life

Fresh cold-pressed juices normally last about 3 days if kept chilled in a refrigerator. Most good-quality cold-pressed juices are not pasteurized at high temperatures.

Shelf Life

Also, they do not contain any chemicals, preservatives, or added sugar. Cold-pressed juices are a highly nutritious option for those who do not have the time to eat proper meals because of their busy schedules.

In such a scenario, a jar or glass of cold-pressed juice makes up for all the nutritional deficiencies.

Perfect for grabbing on the go and sipping, cold-pressed juices certainly improve your overall health, whether you are a die-hard fitness freak or a chill couch potato!

Regular juices are already exposed to heat and oxidation before they enter your glass. This accelerates the breakdown of vital elements that you hope to extract from such juices.

Therefore, it is advisable to consume regular juices immediately. In fact, after about 10 minutes of sitting, you can begin to see a layer of foam forming on top of the juice, thus separating the juice, and destroying the nutrients.

Storing regular juices for long periods results in rotting and hence change in tastes.

5. Authentic Recommendations

Cold-pressed juices are the new health drinks that fitness and health experts recommend. Cold-pressed juices also gained popularity after Hollywood celebrities highlighted their detoxifying benefits.

Authentic Recommendations

Thus, in addition to becoming a modern-age health trend, these tasty and refreshing juices are now a celebrity trend gone wild!

Furthermore, the health sections of supermarkets and snack bars at gyms and spas are over-packed with an assortment of cold-pressed juices.

On the other hand, fitness experts, nutritionists and celebrities are not in favour of regular juices.

They express concern about the loss of nutrients from these juices due to the intense heat generated and oxidation, while they are being made.

Such authentic advice would make you think twice about continuing with your regime of regular juices.

Final Words –

To sum up, nutrients, fibre and enzymes are the keys to living healthy. An active and energetic body also adds to your well-being.

So, you definitely need to care about your nourishing intake, and hence about drinking the right kind of juices.

Nutritionally rich and designed to cleanse, hydrate and nourish, cold-pressed juices certainly ought to top your list.

On reading up the myriad benefits of cold-pressed juices over the regular ones, you’d surely want to sip at one right away!

By becoming a major new sector at the heart of the health boom, cold-pressed juices have created umpteen business opportunities.

What’s more, with celebrity endorsements to their credit, cold-pressed juices have already achieved stardom!

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