What Your Favorite Color Can Do For Your Mood


We all have our favorite colors. Whether you’re deciding on a new coat of paint for your living room or simply sharing more about yourself during an icebreaker activity, your color choice says something about you. While many of us choose a favorite hue based on the color we find most appealing, there are other factors to consider when it comes to your signature shade. Color psychology is real, and can shed some light on our mood swings. If you’re wondering what your favorite color can do for your mood, check out these little known side effects from some of the most popular shades of the rainbow!


For most, blue is known as a calming, beachy color that reminds people of vacation. Another emotion that blue emits is creativity! Individuals who have chosen blue as their signature shade, are probably artistic individuals. If you find yourself having a day where you can’t seem to spark any sort of new, fresh, ideas, it could be because you’re lacking the color blue in your life. A great way to use blue’s potential to its fullest would be by adding some blue knick knacks to your desk, or even buying a blue keyboard cover!

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Unsurprisingly, yellow is known for positivity and optimism. Choosing yellow as your favorite color might mean you’re generally happier than most people! Anyone who feels they need an extra skip in their step or to smile more should add some extra yellow into their life. Whether it be picking some yellow wildflowers or simply trying to spend more time in the sun, let yellow bring you the happiness you’re missing!


Pink is a color of comfort and peace. Some have even described pink as nurturing. Having pink as your favorite color generally means that you are a peacekeeping and consoling person. Pink can even lessen feelings of anger. If you’re someone who is susceptible to road rage, it might be in your best interest to buy a pair of pink tinted sunglasses for the next time you’re getting behind the wheel. Even something as simple like incorporating subtle pink eye makeup into your daily look can increase your peacefulness.

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Compassion and imagination go hand in hand with the color purple. Those who love this purple are understanding and spiritual. The color purple allows people to truly get in touch with themselves. Opening up the more compassionate side of yourself can be made easier by adding some purple into your decor. Make a statement with a violet sofa or a purple painting for your office! However you incorporate more purple in your life, allow its shade to help you learn more about yourself. Surely you won’t regret it.


Orange is the perfect happy medium between red and yellow. It provides both the confidence of red and the optimism of yellow, and is also known for appetite stimulation! Those who love orange are energetic, forward-thinking individuals. A great place to add in extra spurts of orange in your home would be the kitchen. As you eat breakfast and prepare your lunch for the day, the color orange will give you extra energy and keep you hungry for success!


The different benefits of each of the colors above are worth taking into consideration. Make the color change in your life that works best for you. You may find that your “favorite” color isn’t what you need more of.


Due to its deep yet bold range of shades, red is a color that exudes confidence. Incorporating this shade into your daily look will most definitely leave you feeling ready to conquer your schedule. If you’re someone who loves to add tones of red to your look, you’re probably a self-assured, courageous individual. Anyone looking to be more bold can always spice things up with a confident new hairstyle from hair color company oVertone! From deep reds to light pinks, you’re sure to find a look that encourages you to come out of your shell.

Have you identified which color truly works best for you?

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