What is Dodgeball and How to Play it?

Dodgeball is a popular outdoor game in which two teams or players of two teams throw balls at each other with the purpose of hitting and eliminating. The game is played worldwide and the main objective of players in it is to throw ball at opponents, score points and win. There are many different versions of the game across the world and it’s played all over with equal zeal and zest by people of all age group.

Dodgeball is a game popular among children, teens and adults alike, and it’s one of those rare games played at elementary, middle school, high school, and college and university level. It’s mostly played on a playground while in some parts of the world, the game is also played indoor.

The main objective of playing dodgeball is three-folds, including:

  • To hit members or players from the opposing team

  • To eliminate opposing members by hitting them with the ball’s

  • Catch a ball thrown or hurled by player’s from the opposing team

  • Trying to throw the ball in a manner which forces opposing players to move outside the court

Rules of dodgeball

The game of dodgeball is governed by a set of rules which players of both the participating teams have to follow. Some of basic rules include:

  • Right at the beginning, the balls are lined up or placed in a line on the central dividing line.

  • Then next, players need to reach where the balls are lined up and try to grab one of them and throw or roll it to their teammates.

  • Once the opening rush is done and the balls grabbed and rolled, players can then throw balls at opposing members in order to hit them or eliminate them.

  • An eliminated player has to sit out of the game and move to the dugout meant for players.

  • If a player catches the ball thrown at him/her, then the thrower is eliminated.

  • The thrower is also eliminated in case the ball rebounds off one player and caught by another from the opposing team.

  • The game works on the concept of elimination and resurrection where a player can be reinstated after being eliminated.

  • Throwing a ball from outside the court can eliminate the thrower if the purpose was to hit the opposing team or any member of it

  • If a player goes out of the court when a ball is thrown at him, he is then automatically eliminated

  • Moving into the opponent’s zone makes one eliminated, so does the act of picking up a ball from the zone of the opponent

  • Elimination also takes place when the thrown ball hits opposition player’s on the head.

  • No player is allowed kicking the balls.

  • A player can use a ball to deflect another ball thrown by the opposing team.

  • Dropping a ball or getting it knocked out of the hand makes one eliminated from the game.

  • The game is over the moment all players on either teams are eliminated.


In a nutshell, Dodgeball becoming increasingly popular across the globe and you should try one or another version of it to have great fun.

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