What Does Soda Do To Your Teeth?


A popular TV ad points to a refreshingly fizzy drink and concludes with the tag line, ‘…open the bottle and spread the happiness….’

The idea behind the ad is to make us feel teased and tempted and in virtually no time, we reach to the refrigerator and take out the bottle of soda, or pop of coke, whatever you call it.

After all, sweetened carbonated beverages are a rage across societies and in fact, savoured by people of all age groups. These drinks are so popular that we often don’t think twice in grabbing our share and having fun, no matter what the time and day is.

In this urge to consume soda, we don’t even bother about any some side effects. But we must, as soda is responsible for a variety of health risks and dental ones are the most prominent of them all.

No doubt soda is a popular and enjoyable beverage yet it’s awfully bad for your health. Even researches have shown the same and you have no reason to believe otherwise.

Why soda is bad for teeth?

Soda is bad for our teeth and many studies have proved it time and over again. It is bad for several reasons, including –

  • Sodas, most of them in fact, are rich in sugar of tooth-decaying variety

  • The sugar present therein helps bacterial grow and flourish which ultimately leads to cavities

  • Bacteria that grow under the influence of sugar are often of stubborn variety and don’t go away with proper dental care

  • The sugar in soda, as in general, contain a low, or acidic, pH and this kind of high levels of citric acid damage the enamel big time

  • Since enamel works like a foundation to the teeth, any damage to it may lead a whole host of other dental problems for sure

The effect of soda on your teeth

It’s not easy for us to find out any change in the teeth but the dentist takes seconds to figure out our love for soda. The effects are often of such drastic nature that dentists ask you to stop drinking soda anymore or at least cut down the intake.

Here are some of major effects of soda on the teeth –

  • The regular consumption of soda means the growth of the acidic pH and bacteria which deteriorates the enamel

  • The wearing down of the enamel leads to a number of cavities

  • Any bad effect to the enamel means you will see sensitive teeth and staining of a hardened nature

  • Those who have sensitive teeth may feel pain or tingling sensation in in the teeth or gums with hot or cold drinks

  • Gums and other tissues are an obvious casualty leading to occasional bleeding during brushing or bleeding

  • More toothaches happen to regular soda drinkers

  • Use of soda may cause sensations like tingling or numbness

  • Chip and crack tooth is the result when the dental problem reaches to a serious level

In a nutshell, soda is not helpful to your teeth in any possible way and the earlier you cut down it intake the better. After all, dental care matters as your smile should dazzle the world!

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