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Guardian Soulmates

When there is a breach in the information which one has been provided and found not to be secure, is something disturbing. No one would ever like to know that their information is not under safety and security. In the recent past, there was a breach of the user data of the famous online dating website Guardian Soulmates.

The users of the site received unambiguous emails post there was a data breach. It is said that the email identities and which were used for the Soulmates website accounts were disclosed through a third party which was reported by the Guardian News and Media (GNM).

This particular online dating website has been providing dating services to the people since the year 2004. Apart from that, it was also reported that the firm had received around 27 inquiries made by the Soulmates user, stating that their email addresses were exposed by a third party.

On investigation, the firm found out that there was a human error by one of the third-party technology providers. Unfortunately, that incident led to the exposure of the user information to the public. It was easier to find out the Soulmates users in the public search post there was a breach in user data.

The moment the site was able to figure out the issue, they were prompt enough to get it fixed. Unfortunately, the damage was already and it was something which was not expected by the officials of the site. It is essential for any of the online dating websites to have the user data safe and secure without being prone to any kind of breach.

Fortunately, there was no exposure of personal information or any credit card details with the leak of the data. It was only the information related to the online dating profiles of the users which were exposed and brought into the limelight. GNM was sorry for what has occurred with their users by having the user ID’s and email addresses exposed.

Apart from that, the firm requested all the users who were affected by the breach to seek the support team of Guardian Soulmates to have their issue fixed. The officials also stated that user data security in their priority list and they will not allow any third party system to violate it.

It is said that they have done thorough audits of all the information which are in the feed of their systems and sure enough with the fact that there will be no violation of the security systems by any of the third-parties. The firm has taken the rightful steps to ensure that something of this kind does not occur all over again.

Guardian Soulmates database is a big database and having the information revealed from it is something unacceptable. They have been in this business for long enough to keep things in the right way. It is said that post the breach the predominant high-profile access was of Ashley Madison. This led to reveal the information of around 37 million users and those figures are significantly huge.

The charge which the users pay per month to avail the service is around 32 pounds ($41.50). Though the information which was breached only the user ID’s email addresses, they do possess a danger for the user. There are possibilities for the hackers to be able to fetch other related information of the said user.

They do have the access to fetch the details like a public profile, pictures, physical descriptions and relationship preferences as well. It is evident that something of this kind could be lethal enough for the user to be targeted. It is important that the information which has been leaked is cleared from all the systems and is kept safe and secure.

One of the users stated that they were receiving unambiguous sexual spam to their mailbox with the information which was leaked back in November. The user stated that it was not a surprising factor, as something of this nature is bound to happen with the online services. It seems like that the user was not affected in the first place.

Though, they were aware of the fact that something of this kind would happen. It was shocking for them to receive something of this nature even after years when they have stopped the service at all. The user was not even paying the membership fee for them to receive these kinds of emails in the first place.

Guardian Soulmates stated it does not have any kind of information regarding the third-party or the loop where it was undone and the breach occurred. If in case, it is third-party then we can say that the security link which they hold are not strong enough and in fact, it is weak to the extent where it can leak information and make it public as well.

The fact here is that even if we are strong enough with the security systems which we have, it is important for the other parties to be as same as us. If they do not hold strong security systems, it is quite obvious for things to happen; data breach would sound just like someone walking in and out with the required things.

When a particular firm is doing business, they do collaborate with other parties so as to reach the people in an effortless way. In that way, they will be able to grow their business and provide better services to the people. We share information, outsource the activities, make transactions through sales and pretty much everything related to the business.

We promise the customer that the information they provide will not be shared with any other sources without their concern. It is an assurance which we are giving them, it is important for one to build the trust. Once the consumers realize that the assurance given is no more viable, they will doubt with the business which we do.

Guardian Soulmates have fixed the issue and now everything is in the right place, though they were unable to track the source where the issue actually started. It will definitely take time for the members of the website to start using the website all over again. They need to make sure that all the information which is available on the site is safe and secure.<

The members on the website make payments and it is important that the information which they share to make the payments is kept secure. If at any given moment the information gets leaked and made public, then the website will be completely doomed. For time being, the members of the site want to keep their data safe.

After they are ensured with the fact that the data is safe, they will take the step towards start dating again. It is important for people to be careful when they are sharing sensitive information. When it comes to online, it is an obvious fact that there will be scammers and hackers.

Guardian Soulmates 37 million users information has been leaked and it is important that they are safe now. The company will make sure that it will have its security systems made stronger than ever before. It will not have its members at stake and lose its business in the online dating field. So folks, if you have an account on Guardian Soulmates, please do make sure that it is kept safe.

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