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Health ServicesWhat’s common between Bradley Cooper, Rock, Shawne Merriman and Matthew McConaughey? Added to being criminally handsome, all these gorgeous men are also famous for their awe-inspiring triceps. In fact, it’s their perfectly toned up arms that have transcended their overall aura to just a magnetic trek. However, those sleeve-busting arms didn’t happen overnight and a good lot of hardwork and determination have gone into their drooling looks. Are you too aspiring for such killer arms? Well, that’s like an alpha male. But you should know that your triceps cover around 2/3rd of the upper-arm mass and hence you have to leverage the triceps strength along with your workouts for the biceps.

Much to your delight, the post below offers 3 basic triceps exercises for your super-sized arms.


Dips are a great way to up your triceps strength and next time you hit the gym, don’t miss out on it.

Hoist up your body right on the parallel bars & you have to be on the same posture all through. Make sure your torso stands perfectly perpendicular to floor. Now, slowly bend the knees & cross the ankles. Yes, it’s going to get strenuous but focus on the bigger picture. Start lowering your body to reach a position where the shoulder joints come right below the elbows occupational health Services. Push back to straighten the elbows. However, be careful not to lock them up.

Close-grip bench press

No triceps workout routine is complete without a close-grip bench press. It’s a fantastic exercise for your chest & core yet it would be grand for the arms as well when you alter the grip.

So, lie down on the bench, grip the barbell & bring it over the sternum. Make sure your arms are perfectly straight as you get the grip. Now, lower it straight down, stop for a while & then again shoot up to your starting posture. Ask your trainer for the sets and follow them diligently. It’s a great way to create more stress on the triceps. The harder your triceps have to work up, nearer you would be to those titanic arms.

Close-grip bench press coupled with right muscle building supplements are the perfect recipe for those lauded triceps.

Neutral-grip press & triceps extension

It’s not just the barbell but also the dumbbell that plays a significant role in leveraging your triceps. You can pair up neutral-grip press with triceps extension here for the maximum effect.

Neutral-grip press

Get the dumbbells & lie down slowly on your bench. Now, hold the weight at your shoulder level where you will have the palms facing one another. Now, simply press the dumbbells over the chest. You have to do this in 4 sets & 8-12 reps. Don’t pause in between.

Triceps extension

After you complete the sets, slowly bring the dumbbells over the face. Now, bend the elbows & push down the weights right behind the head. Then, simply extend the elbows and make sure they are in the same line with the upper arms. You have to follow the same sets and reps here as you will do with the previous one.

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