The Various Hearing Aid Types and Their Uses


Hearing aids are of so many styles for the modern generation, that you will surely get confused if you are going to shop for hearing aids for the first time. The variety in style and functions, and the getup and looks can be overwhelming for the first timers. Hence you must talk to a professional before getting one. People do not intend to wear the hearing aid because of its clear visibility. But now you can also choose the invisible hearing aids that will fix inside your ear canal and no one can see it from outside. Else you can also choose the hearing aids that can easily connect with the iPhone and Apple watch. There are different kinds of heating aids available in the market and those who do not want to carry any hearing aids they can choose the hearing amplifiers. This is a compact hearing aid which will adjust within your ear canal.

The Various Contemporary Styles of Hearing Aids

Normally the modern generation hearing aids would give you binaural hearing by letting both ears perceive the sound and sending double sound sensation to the brain. But sometimes you have one ear perfectly alright, and only one ear is affected. In that case you simply need a little stimulation on that other ear, to help it send the auditory signals to the brain. And that is what the Single Sided hearing aids do.

  • Smartphone compatible hearing aids– These are compatible with iphone and smart phones, and can be paired with the smart phone to receive calls too. These hearing aids are for the working people who always have to switch on and off between normal face to face conversations, daily chores and voice calls over phone etc.

  • Invisible hearing aids– The invisible hearing aids are for people who are conscious about their looks. If you are conscious how your ear would look with a hearing machine pressed to it, then you may go for these invisible gearing aids which are either hidden behind the earlobes, or inside the inner bend of the ear canal. Non one can see your hearing aid because it is a small piece aid which can easily adjust within your ear canal.

  • First time wearer hearing aids– These hearing aids, which are also referred to as receiver-in-canal hearing aids are easy to fit, and are specially designed to add extra comfort of use and wearing for wearers who are introduced to hearing aids.

  • In canal hearing aids– the completely in canal hearing aids are tiny, and are tucked inside the hearing canal, and only a small handle through which it can be fitted in and out can be seen outside the ear canal.

  • Behind the ear hearing aids– These are the most common ones, the design being popular for years. They are not noticed for being placed behind the ear, and they are easy to use and most widely used globally.

  • Tinnitus hearing aids– these hearing aids are specially made to relieve the patient from tinnitus which is condition where the ear constantly gets a feeling of ringing or buzzing sound from nowhere.

  • Hearing amplifiers– these are small devices which amplify the sound, and are a nice way to introduce the machine to the ear, when the user is not accustomed to use hearing aids yet. The amplifier creates the habit of listening through a machine, and later the aid can be introduced.

As you can see that there are really a lot of hearing aid styles, designs etc, you may actually feel quite confused without a guide. Hence you must talk to an audiologist or a professional, who is an expert in this before you choose one.

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