Ultimate DIY Guide to Dress Up for Rave Party

Rave parties are the hottest trend of the season and requires a person to wear flashy outfits. This article is the ultimate DIY guide to dress up for a rave party.

Girls can dress themselves with the following tips:

1. Using headgear and glasses with LEd’s are the latest trend right now and can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This along with LED hair bands, braids and horns enhance the overall look.
2. Choose glittery and gaudy topwear and one can give you a miss. Glow in the dark tees and LED hoodies is a great option.
3. Rings, gloves and bangles equipped with LED are a great way to sport flashy hands and arms. They make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.
4. Various options like neon leggings and funky leg warmers can be selected that compliment your outfit.
5. Glow in the dark and plasma LED shoes give you that extra edge and make you stand out.

Boys can dress themselves using the following tips:

1. Trendy headwear like funky rave glasses and rave masks are some of the options that can be used for the raver look.
2. Funky hoodies that are equipped with LED, glow in the dark tees and even arc reactor tees are some options you can try to stand out from the crowd.
3. Glow in the dark gloves with bone print is the latest trend along with LED rings and gloves give a great light effect while dancing.
4. Ditch the regular denims and opt for bright colored bottoms. Glow in the dark and neon bottoms options are also available.
5. LED and plasma rave shoes are the best pick for the complete rave outfit.

Have a look at the following infographic shared by Rave Wonderland for more elaborate explanation.


Author Bio: Allison McDonald is the head of the marketing department of Rave Wonderland which deals in rave clothing and accessories for more info visit our site Rave Wonderland

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