Turn Your Boring Sitting Area into Inspiring Gathering Space


Planning to revamp your rooms! Fascinating and distinctive furniture designs are always helpful in giving a complete makeover to your rooms. Get rid of the boring typical furniture and magnify your views towards the unique designs and styles. Choose the style that will give your rooms that remarkable and diverse aspect which can make you feel proud.

A house is a reflection of the persons living in it. Thus the selection of the furniture and other decorative items must illustrate the same. The correct choice of furniture and decor portrays whether you choose to make it look classic and elegant or modern and chic. It will make the stay more blissful and comfortable not only for the people living in it but also for the guest visiting. Furnishing a new place you move in or giving a new look to the old space is always fun and exciting.

For the beautification of your dream house, one must be very pertinent about the decoration of its living room or sitting area as it is the heart of every home. The place where the inmates spend their exclusive family time, the fun-filled gatherings of friends or formal receptions of guests. The living room is used for both entertainment and relaxation. Thus selecting the perfect piece of furniture for a particular room keep your inspiration fresh and intent.

There are certain aspects which one should keep in mind for the interior design. Firstly, the size of the room must be given proper attention while choosing the furniture and other decorations. A living room with a bigger space is tough to manage but with an appropriate piece of furniture at the right places can give the ambiance that you have desired. For a smaller room smart and less space-consuming pieces can be used without making the room look clumsy.

Secondly, the shape and dimension of the room should also be kept in mind in the process of selecting the décor items like the furniture. An oversized and ill-fitting sofa in the room can create a bad impression on the guests. Thus every item used in the room must have uniformity with the other aspects of the room.

The colour and lighting of the rooms form another significant feature while furnishing the room. By incorporating appropriate colour and lighting you can give the dull walls a pleasing appearance. The furniture and the decorative items must be harmonized with the background colour of the rooms.

The climatic condition is another aspect in case of selecting the materials for the furniture and other items. A place experiencing heavy rainfall can damage certain materials like wooden ones. So one must be smart enough to choose the other variations like wrought iron fixtures and fittings.

Now coming to the different types of furniture for the living room there are quite a few which must be taken into consideration.

The first and foremost that comes to our mind while selecting the furniture for the living room is an eye-catching sofa set. Choosing a sofa set for your living room can be a tough choice to make as you have to keep a lot of things in mind like the cost, and material and the space to be covered. It has to have comfortable and spacious enough seats for at least three persons. It also comes along with paired seats at the sides by making plenty of space in case of more company. Sleeper sofa or sofa cum bed is a distinctive style sofa for the house without a separate guest room. Sofa cum beds can easily be transformed into a bed with its pull out mattress whenever required for accommodating an over-night guest. A sectional sofa is the best option for those who want to cover up the large space with a single piece of furniture. Based on the shape and dimension of the room, these sofa sets can be of L- shaped, semi-circular and many other variants. It gives sufficient seating space and often comes with built-in storage space. Love seats are another style of the sofa with seating space for two. This is mainly used in large rooms as additional seating space to entertain more guests.

The next furniture item that comes to your mind after the sofa is the coffee table or the centre table which is a must-have in every living room. It also comes with various shapes and sizes depending on the style of sofa selected. A round shaped or rectangular shaped glass top with metal base is a wonderful addition in the beautification of the room. You can also go for a traditional style by coordinating with other furniture items.

A TV cabinet or media centre is a must-have in every living room furniture list. As the living room is the place for entertainment, a proper T.V stand is a necessity today. It accommodates various electronic devices in the living room like T.V, Music system and many more electronic and decorative items.

A console table is a modest looking, waist-height table placed along an empty wall or under a window. It maintains a simple tabletop and sometimes it also comes with some drawers or storage space.

The corner or side table maintains a vacant table top kept beside the sofa or empty corners. It comes with a square or round shaped top. It is a perfect fixture to keep any decorative items like lamp shades, blooming plants or small figurines.

So, the next time you think you’re sitting area looks boring and clumsy, go for a complete revamp of your drawing room furniture and experience the instant magic.

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