Top Weekend Activities For Kids In UK

Kids love having fun and we all know that. They want every minute to drip with dig dosages of thrills and excitement. They never want to visit places that don’t catch their attention or keep them hooked. They want to feel entertained and which is why parents often have a tough time in deciding a right weekend gateway for them.

Thank god, there are quite a lot of interesting places in the UK to take kids to. Such places are would be a perfect outlet for entertaining the whims and fancies of kids and they often pack in all what little ones need. These places transform little ones into an altogether different world and captivate the senses and minds of kids.

The best part, such exciting places are everywhere in the UK and parents can plan their outing in a way to get the most out of them. So, choose your weekend destination with care and let your kids have great fun.

Let’s look at some of those places:

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Kids should take a magical tour of the Harry Potter Studio. A great time can be had by visiting this fairy-tale place and experiencing the surreal. One can see all the props used in the movie and all the treasures associated with the Harry Potter series.

Crystal Palace dinosaurs

Kids love dinosaurs and they will love it even more when they get to touch it! Yes, take them to the South London Park where cast iron dinosaurs are all around. Along with having a quality time, kids will get plenty of information about an animal they continue to feel obsessed with.


Take your kids at a place where large and colourful blocks give them a lot of fun. From castle to water rides to star ways, there is everything for kids to have a great time. Big dosages of fun is guaranteed, courtesy the magic of Lego.

Longleat safari

Plan a weekend outing and make your kids go wild literally. Take them to Longleat safari and let them experience a wide range of animals. From big cats to rhinos to monkeys to zebras, this safari park will give more fun than kids can handle for sure. With exotic animals to experience all around, kids will surely feel magical about being at such a place.

Trampolining Park


Trampolining brings the ultimate joy for kids. It’s one of those rare places where kids can get sports, fitness and entertainment, all rolled into one. Trampoline parks can be found all across the UK and you can take your kid in any of them. They give a great freedom of jumping, bouncing off the wall, playing dodgeball, basketball etc. In fact, kids get to defy gravity and throw the body away into a foam pit as a soft surface is there beneath.


In a nutshell, there are a wide range of activities for kids in bolton in the UK and they can be taken anywhere. Based on their tastes and preferences, kids can be taken to any place to help them find big dosages of fun.

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