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Fashion trends are something that are constantly changing and now its sports luxe’s time to shine. Sports luxe is a combination of luxury joggers, designer jackets and some of the finest trainers. It may seem as though these styles do not match together, however with designer brands have adopted the style and began developing clothing especially for the sports luxe trend. Sports luxe is now here to stay, so here is an outfit idea just for you!

Joggers/ Sweatpants

It can be difficult to image that brands are now developing clothing that has been associated with youths and casual wear for so long. However, designer brands have developed the style in such a way that the materials seem and feel like trousers. It doesn’t stop there as the trousers are fitted, so they are no longer cuffed, limiting your appearance. There are several brands to do such a thing, making the joggers contemporary and stylish, so take a look around. Don’t forget that joggers are the foundation of the sports luxe style, so fit everything around this.


It can be hard to believe that smart outfits have now incorporated hoodies into their outfit choices, but it is real. Hoodies are an essential in terms of the sports luxe, as it is an incorporation for the sports element. Even though hoodies were once associated with the likes of mens tracksuits, they have now been developed, changing opinion, style and look. Brands such as GFN Clothing are a leading example of brands developing the sports style into more of a luxury appearance.

Tailored Jackets

Tailored jackets is now something that can seamlessly fit into the sports luxe styling. With the tailored trousers the design seems to complement one another. As the tailored jacket, or blazer was once considered as the “sports jacket”, it seems like a no brainer. Choosing whether you want to use take advantage of the blazer or a hoodie is entirely up to you, so experiment and enjoy yourself.

The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches in this instance is your choice of footwear. The fashionable sports trainer has grown in popularity over the years and are now worn everywhere. It is easy to forget that brands such as New Balance are now creating some incredible designs, which are capable of being worn with smart and casual outfit choices. Let’s not forget that there are still brands such as Nike, Adidas and Balenciaga that are still leading developers when it comes to sports trainers. Again, experiment and take a look at what suits you.

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