Tips and Tricks to Score A Good Amount of Points in Fantasy Kabaddi


The Playerzpot is a portal for fantasy games that even provides kabaddi fantasy league. On this platform, the people can use their sports-related knowledge to earn good amount of cash and pass the time effectively. This is a good source of income in the part-time. This platform is a hundred percent legal and is not categorized under the activity of gambling. The platform also provides a unique referral program in which one earns a bonus in case one refers to the link to other people. The platform also provides various suggestions and strategies for the people so that they can become pro in playing the game and earn good amount of money.

Following is the process to be followed to play the fantasy kabaddi:

Initially one has to decide on the platform and then one has to select the particular match so that it can be joined. After this, one has to create a team of nine players which includes a maximum of three raiders, maximum three all-rounders and a maximum of five defenders. All these decisions are to be made within the fixed budget of 1000 gems provided by the platform. After this, the most important decision of selecting the star player and the captain has to be made so that one can earn good amount of money. Then one has to join the paid pot and after the match starts,they will receive points based upon the actual performance of the players which one has selected.

Following are the most important strategies which will help in scoring a good amount of points to the user.

  1. Selecting the all-rounder’s effectively: every team of kabaddi needs minimum two and maximum of three all-rounders. Selecting them will depend upon the match and the players of the team. One must select the players depending upon their previous records and all the all-rounders must not be selected from a single team. There must be a diversity in the team elected by the people so that the chances of scoring a good amount of points is high. One must go with the people who have got a record of attacking as this will help in scoring more points. In case both of the teams are performing well then one can go with the option of selecting one all-rounder from each team and in case a single team is going good then one can select a maximum number from them and rest from other teams.
  2. Selecting the defenders: every team of kabaddi requires minimum three and maximum five defenders. Such selection decisions will also depend upon the performance in the actual matches. If the performance is strong and if the line-up is good, then one has to select less amount of defenders but if the line-up is weak, then one must go with the option of more defenders to receive and earn more points and money. One must not depend upon a single team here and there must be diversity in selecting the defenders. The user must select defenders from different teams depending upon their attacking record so that chances of winning are high.
  3. Selecting the raiders: Raiders are the most essential component of the kabaddi team. Every team requires a minimum of two and maximum of three raiders. These are to be selected from each team and one must not also depend here on a single team. There must be a proper background check of the players so that the best decisions can be made. One must also make sure that one makes the raider as the star player or the captain.
  4. Selecting the star player and captain: this is another important decision which helps in affecting the overall performance of the team and directly affects the scores. The star player will get 2 X points and the captain will get 1.5 X points so these decisions must be made very carefully. One of the raiders must be made star player or the captain So that overall points of the team are maximum. One must not select the defender as a star player, but the defender can be selected as a captain. One must make sure that the star player and Captain or not from the same team because this will reduce the chances of winning. In case one wants to perform well in the match then one has to mark some of the players as Z factor so that overall scores are not affected. The side-effect are marked people are those from whom the expectations of playing well or very low.

The pattern of scores: The attackers will get two points for each player being touched. There will be one bonus point for crossing the line every time and two points will be there for a super raid, plus bonus plus the touchpoints per player. The defendants will get four points for every tackle and six points for every super tackle. There will be a two-point bonus for every case of the day, two points bonus for every player who scored the minimum 10 points, six points bonus for all the players who score minimum 15 points and eight point’s bonus for all the players who score minimum 20 points. There will be -4 points for every red card, -3 points for every yellow card and -2 points for every green card. Winning bonus is given to the players of the winning teams and in case of a tie, no bonus is given to any player.

The platform accepts payments from all the debit and credit cards from leading banks. The platform is very much user-friendly and even all the people can very easily become pro in this platform in any of the game which interests them. The platform also provides various other games like fantasy hockey, fantasy basketball and many more. Among all the games, fantasy Kabaddi is considered to be the most popular among people. This platform very well provides an opportunity to utilize the game-related skills side-by-side earn a good amount of money as a part-time source of income.

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