All The Tints Of Friendship Between Women: 10 Nuances One Should Think About

FriendshipIf it turns out that you have too many friends (few friends) worth a think: is it right, do you communicate with everyone well enough, is there a habit to communicate or a force to keep communicating? These nuances will help to find one`s bearings.

1. You do not have to be friends with her just because you are class mates
You we sharing the same desk for two years and were considered to be friends and now she acts strange and say foul things? You are better off without her.

2. You have fun together but it is rather difficult to be friends with her
Yes, she is interesting but she is always late and this is no fun.

3. Co-workers oftentimes are considered to be friends
At least because you spend much time together, communicate, have dinner and know a lot about one another. It is a good thing.

4. If you complain about her – do not be friends with her
No one like it when friends always complain about someone. It will be better to stop it let alone communicate with her.

5. It is better to have few friends but close ones
The best joke is when you call someone a friend but can hardly remember name.

6. Do not be friends forcibly
She likes you, she wants be friends with you, are you? As you wish! It is not necessary.

7. Good ones will remain only
You remember the day you met and always glad to talk? And a good job too!

8. Far from every friend will become the best friend
It is nice to watch a movie with some friends, to go to a bar with others and some are good to cry over a shoulder and after that what a jerk this ex is. Jump to conclusions on your own.

9. It is strange to have not a single friend
Perhaps, it is the way society influences that people stopped knowing a thing about each other, but at least one friend of the same sex should be over there. Whom to exchange perfumes with, for example?

10. One may always become better
Those are sandwiches at night and taking care about one another and some other small potatoes, which do not cost anything but are highly appreciated.

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