Pros And Cons Of Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery


Every surgery has its own benefits and advantages.

Spinal fusion. It is the most common type of surgery related to back pain where the spine surgeon Florida join spinal bones, called vertebrae, together, which motion between other associated vertebrae and also constraining your nerves to stretch. This is the drawback of this surgery as it cannot limit your activity, and it well known fact that bones don’t always fuse completely and if it happens, one may need second operation to fix it.

Laminectomy. In this operation ligaments or part of bone called bone spurs is removed which relives the pressure on the nerves which eases the pain or weakness. The drawback of this surgery is, it can make the spine less stable, and one may need a spinal fusion. Surgeon usually performs both procedures together.

Foraminotomy. In this surgery the spine surgeon Florida widens the vertebrae by cutting the bone at sides from where the nerve exit the spine to provide the extra space which relieve pressure on the nerves and ease your pain. Like a laminectomy, this procedure also involves the spinal fusion as well.

Diskectomy. It is a part of big surgeries like laminectomy, foraminotomy, or spinal fusion. Here the vertebral disk can slip out of place, and put extra pressure on the spinal nerve, which causes the back pain. This type of surgery involves diskectomy, when the doctor removes all or part of the vertebral disk.

Disk replacement. In this type of surgery, surgeon removes the damaged vertebral disk and artificial disk between it vertebrae. The drawback of this surgery is that the new inserted disk could slip or fall out of place and require repair.

Interlaminar implant. U-shaped device between two vertebrae in your lower back is inserted by the surgeon that provides the space between them and it eases pressure on the spinal nerves. The drawback of this surgery is that one may not be able to bend backward as easily in that area.

The biggest risk of back surgery: No one knows for sure that the back surgery would ease of your pain. The best thing one can do is talk frankly with the surgeon because he is only who knows what’s going on with your health and you know what to expect from him.

Much more detailed information about spine surgery Florida, spinal conditions and treatments is available website, and can help patients and their families formulate questions. The site consists of various other related resources as well.

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