Things To Do In Abu Dhabi With Kids


Abu Dhabi located on an island in the Persian Gulf is the capital city of United Arab Emirates. With the main focus on oil export, this place has emerged as one of the most developed places of Middle East. The visitors are always welcomed by the sky-high modern towers and the huge shopping malls. Besides, there are historical wonders that tell the tale of the place. If this place is your next travel destination, then you are sure to enjoy.

It is often a worry for the parents that how their kids will enjoy during the travel. Abu Dhabi has the perfect answer for those who are traveling with their kids. There are distinctive things to do in Abu Dhabi with children. Want to know how? We have arranged a collection of places to see and things to do with your young ones when you are on Abu Dhabi Tour.

Falcon Hospital


This is one of the unique places that for visit even when compared on a worldwide basis. There are almost 42,000 falcons that visit this place each year. Your kids will enjoy each moment spent here with the wide variety of shows including the mighty predators.



This historical place is a must see not only for kids but for the adults too. The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque is known for being the second largest one in the entire world. It portrays the beautiful culture of the place embraced with the essence of religion. It also proudly flaunts the largest chandelier of the world. The kids will surely appreciate this cultural wonder and love to hear the stories related with the same. Also, the children can ask questions about the Islamic culture.

Camel Riding


Spark interest in your kids with the exciting camel ride in Abu Dhabi. You can cheer the camels who take part in races and controlled by remote controlled jockeys. Also, the kids can take an amazing ride on the ship of the desert.

Auto museum

Located 45 kilometers on South of the city, this museum flaunts amazing cars from all over the world. From antiques to the latest models, this place serves as a nice family trip. No need to mention how much the kid will enjoy the same.

Ferrari World

This is an indoor theme park that which will keep the interest of the kids, as well as, adults intact. It has over 20 rides which the kids will love to explore. Most importantly, they will make memorable moments in the fastest roller coaster in the world. Also, not to forget the never-ending supply of pizza and ice-cream.

Classes for kids

You can enroll your kids in classes and clubs. They are designed especially for the kids visiting Abu Dhabi during holidays. There are different activities available like pottery, dance, or music. You can easily select the one you desire. It is an excellent choice for the kids to enjoy.

Call to adventure


This is a life action role play theme park. There are different interactive games that you can totally enjoy along with your kids. The best part is that you can put on amazing costumes and pretend to be a character in a certain game. It also helps in opening an amazing world of imagination for the kids. So, the best thing is that your kid gets to be a part of the show instead of just watching it.

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre

This place has a rich Islamic tradition and if you want to know about them, then this center is the place you need to visit. It offers the visitors, especially the children, to learn about the proud and tolerant culture of Islam. It also gives them a chance to understand the history of the country and its development through years. It takes you to the world where you get a glimpse of both old and new.

Al Ain

About one and half hour drive from the city, this is a place your kids will love to visit. You can go for a day trip or opt for an overnight excursion according to your preference. There are exciting fun activities designed for the kids. They can also visit the zoo and museum. The greatest attraction is, however, the hot springs.

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