The Ultimate Guide to Start a Wedding Decorating Business


Wedding is the most significant and emotional event of anyone’s life. It is a moment where two people become one, so they put their best efforts into making their wedding as grand and memorable as possible. There are tons of things that go into a marriage, such as:

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Venue
  • Shopping
  • Florist

Well, in today’s busy life, people are so preoccupied in their hectic life; it becomes a lot of challenging task. For this, people approach various professionals who help them in making their auspicious day go perfectly well. Among all, they go with wedding decorator who provides decor, lighting and many other wedding related services.

So, if you are looking for a start-up idea and have excellent management skills, then starting a wedding decorating business could be a great option to opt for. Now, let us understand what you need to do for this business and things that you will have to cover.

The wedding industry is an ever-growing sector where the demand is always there throughout the year. So, if you effectively implement your business ideas, then you will enjoy a good number of customers even if you are new in this field. Now, let us see the nitty-gritty required to start a wedding decor business.

Define your Working business zone

The first thing that you need to do is decide the aspect that you will be covering in your business that you will be covering. If you have chosen the wedding niche for your decorating services, you still need to select the exclusive service you will be offering. You can choose any of the decorating services such as:

  • Wedding cake decorator
  • Wedding florist
  • General wedding decorations

So, decide which of the following you want to provide as your services. It will help in targeting the customers in a precise way, and you will know what the resources and supplies that you need to have to offer any of the selected services are.

Get the necessary training

We all know wedding holds significant importance in everyone’s life, so if they are going for professional help, they will not hire someone inexperienced or untrained. Thus, if you are going into this business, then make sure that you have the proper experience required to provide such services. It is the only way that will help you get big clients quickly.
If you already have experience in event planning, then you are all ready. But, without any knowledge about the work or services that you want to offer, you must do an internship with a reputed wedding planner and learn as much possible about the industry.

Hiring the working staff

To run the wedding decorate business, there will be a need for skilled labour. You will be the one coming up with ideas, but it will be the working staff who will implement the ideas into reality. Thus, make sure that you bring an excellent team of employees who are skilled and have the expertise to carry out such manual jobs easily.
Having skilled labours will ensure that all the work is being completed on time and is done correctly. Apart from the skilled worker, there will also be a need for highly-qualified staff that will be carrying out other tasks such as marketing, administration and other tasks.
Equipment for the service

To provide decorating service, there will be a requirement of a good set of different equipment. It will help the working staff to execute the work flawlessly without any disturbance or hindrance. Thus, get all the items required to provide the service including:

  • Bulbs
  • Ladders
  • Screens
  • Decor lights
  • Tools

Wrapping up, these were the critical things that you will have to do to start your wedding decorating business. While establishing the company, there will be initial cost requirement which you could manage by getting business loans from a reliable lender.

Choose a location for your office

The next important step will be to choose a location for the office from where the customers can come to meet you and talk regarding the services. Well, the place should be smartly selected and ensure that you get a good number of the audience quickly without any inconvenience. However, if you are low on budget, then there is nothing terrible in operating just from home.
Today, good numbers of entrepreneurs are now operating their business directly from home by taking advantage of technology. So, you can easily set your office at any of the empty room of the house. You can use some of the equipment and furniture. For the funding part, you could go with any short term loans like provident, which will be enough to cover these expenses.


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